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A Weekend of Sex Left Her with a Heavy Dose of Sexual Exhaustion

She enjoyed several days of serious sex and is now paying for it. She has severe vertigo and wants a vitamin or other remedy to get her back on track. An herbal tincture will work wonders to restore balance to her body and help her recover from a weekend of play.

Case #: 910


I had a very intense weekend of sex and am now experiencing vertigo! I am a woman over 300 pounds, and I had a lot of female ejaculation. Is there some vitamin I can take, or is this vertigo from loss of fluids? Or could I have burst a blood vessel in my brain from orgasming so much? What do you think? It is very unsettling.


It might sound a little crazy, but too much intercourse can cause sexual exhaustion. You’re probably thinking that such terminology is nothing more than encouragement to abstain. But sexual exhaustion is a real condition that can take you away from other activities. It is often associated with over-masturbation, especially in males, but females can suffer as well. In addition, the condition isn’t limited just to self-pleasure; it can come in the aftermath of any sexual encounter that exceeds what your body can handle.

Defining Sexual Exhaustion

Too much of a good thing can hurt you, and unfortunately this adage also applies to intercourse. Sexual exhaustion is when your body becomes depleted from excessive intimacy. It is caused not from the act of sex itself, but rather the flood of hormones that comes with orgasm.

If you consider all of the events that occur before, during and after sex, you’ll see why the body can only take so much pleasure before growing fatigued. For a woman, desire starts with a rapid heartbeat, ragged breathing and tightening of muscles. The breasts, clitoris and vagina all enlarge, and blood flow to the pelvic region increases.

Before orgasm, a woman’s skin flushes and muscle contractions begin. Her heart rate and breathing rise even higher as her blood pressure increases to keep blood flowing to the genitalia. During orgasm, the vagina and uterus contract along with other muscles in the body – legs, buttocks and even hands clench and unclench in pleasure. A release of endorphins produces the feel-good glow that ensues after sex. An abundance of other chemicals, including serotonin, testosterone and oxytocin, are also released so you feel nothing but exquisite pleasure.

What This Means for You

All this hard work takes its toll on the body, which is why many people want to rest after sex. Foregoing the rest and engaging in still more sex pushes the body to its limits. One of the side effects of too much loving is inflammation, a condition likely linked to shifts in progesterone and estrogen. Both of these hormones are connected to serotonin and testosterone, meaning the release of one can prompt the release of another. To demonstrate, menopausal women often experience inflammatory conditions like arthritis, again believed to be the result of fluctuating hormones.

The point is that flooding your body with chemicals - as happens during sex - can put your body in a state of imbalance. Sexual exhaustion in men causes such symptoms as fatigue, hair loss and memory loss. Women can experience similar effects as well as vertigo. This last symptom – the chief of your complaints – is the result of inflammation. It restricts blood flow to the brain and can even induce headaches and confusion.

Overcome the Exhaustion

What you need is a soothing beverage to restore balance to your body and stop the unsettling symptom of vertigo. An herbal tincture can do both by harnessing the healing power of herbs. (TRY: Sexual Exhaustion Herbal Remedy) Throughout history, herbs have been employed by various cultures to cure ailments of all natures, ranging from sexual to psychological. Tinctures in particular extract the medicinal properties of herbs with alcohol to provide a potent drink and fast-acting remedy.

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