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Too Scared to Sex

25-year-old female loves sex, but after experiencing a sharp lower-abdominal pain, she is afraid to have sex again. What is this pain, and will it come back?
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I love sex, and what self-respecting 25-year-old women doesn’t, right? But after experiencing a sharp pain near my uterus and around my abdomen, I am terrified of sex. I don’t know what happened or how it happened. All I know is that it hurt so bad that I lost all desire for sex. Is this pain going to return?

This sort of pain is usually the result of a tipped uterus. Because the angle of the uterus is tipped towards the back, rather than the front, certain stimulation can cause frightening and excruciating pain. By changing the angle of penile entry towards the front of the uterus, rather than towards the back, many women are able to stop experiencing pain during intercourse.
Your second best option to stave off the pain is to take NSAIDs, such as aspirin, as they prevent the chemical pain reaction from forming. It’s not good to rely on this method, but it can definitely help you in the moment.
How Do You Get a Tipped Uterus?

Tipped uteruses, also known as retroverted uteruses, are actually fairly common occurrences amongst women. It is not usually discovered until pregnancy, or until pain during menstruation or intercourse makes the condition known. It is not dangerous, and doesn’t affect fertility. A tipped uterus is generally the result of genetics, although it can be caused by pelvic inflammatory disease, childbirth, or endometriosis.
Safe Sex

If I was you, and I was nervous about another painful experience, I would try to have sex only in tipped-uterus-friendly positions. Instead of girl-on-top, try girl-on-top facing away. This position keeps the head of the penis from interacting with your cervix, or the rear of your vagina. It’s also a great position to stimulate the g-spot, depending on your angle of entry. Instead of flat-back missionary, try missionary with a few pillows under your hips, taking the action away from the posterior wall of your vagina. This position, too, is a good one for females, as it provides better clitoral stimulation than most others.
Try to avoid any position where you will be flat either on your back or on your stomach; the shape of the penis means that in these types of poses you will most likely have a painful interaction with your rear wall. But if you get a little crazy, it’s not going to kill you.
Pop a Pill Before Pleasure

If you’re really worried about a pain flare-up, try popping a couple aspirin a bit before you have sex. Aspirin works on an anti-inflammatory method of action; it prevents irritating prostaglandins from being formed, thus keeping you from feeling the pain of their creation. However, the body needs prostaglandins for certain interactions, and as aspirin and other NSAIDs prevent the formation of all inflammatory prostaglandins, long-term usage can have negative side effects. Don’t worry; it’s a completely safe solution in the moment.
Prevent Problems with Plants

A better long-term solution is to begin an herbal course designed to reduce inflammation and strengthen your liver and reproductive system. I recommend this natural formula. (SEE: Vaginal Restoration & Hormonal Realignment Formula) Dong Quai is a very beneficial herb for females, as it strengthens and tones the entire female reproductive system. Rehmannia detoxifies, and Black Cohosh has anti-inflammatory properties. Don’t be afraid to have sex! Try this formula, and some friendly positions, and I’m sure you’ll love your sex life again in no time.

What to do

Vaginal RH Formula I - Vaginal Regeneration & Hormonal Realignment For Intercourse Pain

Taking hormonal contraceptives, such as birth control pills, patches, injections, and vaginal rings, can cause intercourse pain for many women. Symptoms from prescription and infertility drugs may also contribute. . Liver strengthening and...

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