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Woman has masturbated from a young age. Now, she is having clitoral problems, and her clitoris has changed color to a deep purple. What must she do to repair and rejuvenate her clitoris after nearly two decades of extreme usage?
Case #: 979

I probably started masturbating around the age of 5, but of course, I didn't realize what I was doing at the time. At times, I've gone maybe a year without masturbating, but at other times, I've masturbated almost every day. Now I have several problems. My clitoris is purple and I read that that is a sign of nerve damage. So I was wondering what I needed to do to repair all the damage. I've started exercising to release all my extra energy so that I don't feel the need to masturbate, but I'm not so sure that will help my sympathetic system to heal nearly 20 years of abuse. Can you tell me what I should do?

Have you begun losing sensation in your clitoris? Masturbation is a normal process for both males and females, and masturbating one time per day is not what I would call an excessive amount. Unless you’ve begun experiencing pain, numbness, or irritation, I do not see you as having a real problem.
Roses are Red…

Your clitoris can turn purple for a number of reasons, one being that during arousal the clitoris becomes congested with blood, which isn’t promptly flushed away, and adds a bruise-like coloring to the area. A more serious reason for the color change could be that the continual clitoral stimulation has acted as an irritant, and has caused vulval damage resulting in a bruising of the area.
Masturbation Maintenance

If you have begun experiencing such problems, the first thing I have to suggest is beginning an herbal course that features high levels of detoxifying herbs, along with herbs that increase circulation and the health of the female genital organs.

What you want to do is to remove any prostaglandin or other chemical irritants from your genital area. These are what cause pain: from a dull, burning sensation, to sharp, shooting pains on contact. The vasoconstriction caused by some prostaglandins and other hormones can also make it difficult for you to achieve orgasm, and even full arousal. The best way to do this is with purifying herbs such as grape seed, which inhibit the formation of noxious chemicals, and facilitate good blood flow.

If numbness is your problem, you need to encourage your body to remove the scar tissue it has accumulated from your constant touching. Because you have been using fingers and not a vibrator, I feel the protective scar tissue layer cannot be so thick, and will be easily removed once you begin the proper herbal treatment.
In this instance, you want herbs such as Mucuna Pruriens, which stimulates healing and nerve growth, and Dong Quai, which encourages vigorous circulation and a healthy female reproductive area. These herbs will also assist you with your discoloration.
What to Take

With these issues in mind, I’m suggesting that you begin a course specifically designed to restore sensation to the clitoris and vagina. (TRY: Natural Herbal Remedy for Vaginal & Clitoral Sensitivity) It contains all of the herbs I mentioned above, as well as some others, Maca and Black Cohosh, to facilitate a healthy sexual response.
Please don’t worry too much about your masturbation levels. This compound will help you with the issues you’re experiencing, and you shouldn’t be afraid to find pleasure when you want it. Cheers!

What to do

Natural Renewal Remedy for Vaginal & Clitoral Desensitization

Vaginal abrasion, aging, prescription drugs, birth control medications, oxytocin imbalance, estrogen imbalance, and poor vaginal peripheral circulation may all lead to the desensitization of the G-spot, and the vaginal and clitoral sensitivity...

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