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When Your Love Button is Broken - Extreme Discomfort In Her Clitoral And Vulval Region

Menopausal woman is experiencing extreme discomfort in her clitoral and vulval region, almost like overstimulation. She is unable to experience pleasure during intercourse. She has been diagnosed as not having a urinary tract infection, but what could be the cause of her pain?

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Hi, I have been having this problem for a while now. I feel what I call overstimulation in the clitoris area. I used to think it was part of a urinary tract infection, so I went to the doctor and he prescribed me antibiotics. I had no result. What seems to help is not having sex. I feel a sensation of coldness. I often describe it as a "leaking sensation". I also feel the sensation of wanting to pee, and nothing comes out. I do not describe the sensation as "pain" necessarily, but it is highly uncomfortable. On a scale of 1 to 10, right now it feels like a 9. It usually ranges between a 1 and a 3. That's the story of my life right now! I feel very tired and frustrated because lately I am unable to experience pleasure during intercourse. Can it possibly be because I started menopause?


I do think that your problem stems from you recently entering menopause. It was a very good self-diagnosis to recognize that. In fact, many women with lowered levels of estradiol begin to experience a range of dyspareunia—ranging from painful intercourse, to an itching, burning sensation, to vulvodynia.

On top of that, I think that continued stimulation of the tender area has resulted in an excess of the prostaglandin E2, an inflammatory hormone. This causes the area to become even more sensitive to overstimulation. I think you should consider a topical estradiol application, begin a course designed to cleanse your body of the excess prostaglandins, and in the meantime, try to incorporate some of the following ideas into your daily life.

Keep it Loose

It is important when experiencing dyspareunia that you remove all other irritating sources from your life. It’s enough that your body is already experiencing a painful sensation, its best not to exacerbate the issue. One of the ways to do this is to refrain from wearing tight clothes.

Wearing loose fitting bottoms and panties keeps your sensitive areas away from any pressure. Your tender nerves will likely interpret pressure, in such an instance, as pain. You also want to stimulate the area as little as possible, so as to not give your body the chance to build up any more prostaglandins.

Proper Posture

You might also be putting excess pressure on your nerves by sitting for a long period of time. Working a desk job, riding a bike, horse, or motorcycle, or taking a long car ride, can result in a tingling, numb, or burning sensation.

Try to alleviate direct pressure on your vulval area, perhaps by sitting on a soft pillow when you can, or changing the style of your bike seat. Try to keep activities that create such a situation at a minimum, at least for a while, to allow your body time to recover.

Foody Call

During this period you should also stay away from certain foods. Foods high in caffeine, citrus, or very spicy, seem to cause a stronger sensation of pain in sufferers. This might be because of the diuretic effect of some of these foods; the engorging of blood vessels might be recognized as pain by the confused clitoral nerves. Try removing them one-by-one from your diet, see if any of them seem to negatively impact your pain.

Rejuvenate Yourself

The most important things to do now are to stop stimulating your genital area—for a while—and concentrate on flushing the prostaglandins out of your system. The topical estradiol should begin to help your issues with pain almost immediately.

By detoxifying your body, the painful reaction to stimulation will also go away. I recommend an herbal formula (Vaginal RH Formulation) created to realign the body’s hormone levels—which will help you increase your estrogen/estradiol levels from the inside out—as well as to cleanse the body of noxious, pain-creating hormones. I know you’ll feel better soon!

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