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Collateral Damage from a High Frequency Vibrator

Overuse of a vibrator damaged her clitoris and harmed her orgasmic ability.

Case #: 45051


After gave birth to two boys with five years apart, my sex life basically ended. My friend asked me to attend one of those sex toy parties to help me recover. I started using vibrator, as much as I can. I often using them every night after my boys were in bed, so I can get warm up after my husband back from his work. I was addicted to the vibrator and need a higher speed tune to get me excited. Last night, my clitoris was numb and felt cold and “fake” inside my vagina. I checked with my Obgyn about it, but she just told me everything seems fine and my sensitivity will eventually come back. It’s been days now, neither my husband’s penis or vibrator can’t get me excited at all. I am worried that my vaginal and clitoral damages will be permanent.


That's really surprising that your doctor could not see the connection between your vibrator use and your desensitized clitoris. Many vibrators are heavy duty machine. It can vibrate at speeds range from softest tickle to a full-blown assault on your clitoris and vagina. It’s no surprised that many women addicted to vibrator, since it inflates the intensity to all areas of vagina simultaneously and would not missed G-spot at all. But overuse of a vibrator can cause damage to clitoris and vagina to lose its sensitivity.

Considering the skin serves as a neuroendocrine organ for neurotransmitter and hormonal production, vaginal and cervical skin damaged by excessive vibrator use can disturb its neuroendocrine function, causing vaginal scarring and loosening and leading to vaginal and clitoral desensitization.

Erection and relaxation of the clitoris and urethral spongy tissues (G-spot) are essential for a woman to experience sexual pleasure and achieve orgasm. But excessive use of vibrator can:

  • Over-stimulation drains out bioelectric energy, resulting in numbness and irritation of clitoris
  • Overuse of a vibrator can trigger a chronic elevation of prolactin and dopamine-norepinephrine/epinephrine conversion leading to pituitary-ovarian functional disorders and sexual exhaustion symptoms
  • Excessive use of a vibrator can exhaust the ovarian function

Stop using the vibrator to prevent further damage. Instead have your husband perform the Finger Pliers Method to massage your damaged clitoris and vagina. Try Vaginal Regernation & Repair remedy to help you produce sufficient prostaglandins to relax the vaginal and uterine muscles. Many herbs in this formula can help you to regenerate cervical and clitoral tissues, repair the parasympathetic nerve endings, induce sufficient amount of nitric oxide to enhance your sex drive.

Combination of Finger Pliers Method and Vaginal Regeneration & Repair solution can increase blood circulation and bring the rejuvenating herbs to the damaged vaginal and clitoral tissues. Increases of your libido, prostaglandin production, relaxing and recovering of the damaged tissues are expected.

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