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Should I Stop Taking Birth Control

Learn about a woman whose birth control use has taken a turn for the worst.

Case #: 1485


I was curious, and had a question about birth control causing brown vaginal discharge. Three weeks ago I had a check up, and afterwards I noticed a brown discharge for an entire week. My period has also been very irregular. I am just curious as to what to do. Am I going to have to switch birth control pills or is this a whole different thing?


No matter what the situation, a brown vaginal discharge usually stems from the same reason…Birth control. The entire foundation of the pill is based on tricking the mind into thinking that you are actually pregnant. The only way that an oral contraception can do that is by flooding the mind with excessive amounts of estrogen and progesterone. These synthetic hormones will lead the ovarian function to shut down.

Pill Problems

The problem with this is, some women's livers are not able to handle the new high levels of hormones. The old synthetic estrogen and progesterone stay within the body for longer than they need to as time goes by, and the liver is unable to keep up with the new demands to cleanse the body.

Progesterone and estrogen will begin to accumulate within the uterus and cervix if the liver is unable to remove the high volumes of hormone. This makes it almost impossible for the liver to fully support neurotransmitter synthesis. Subsequently, you may suffer from other various psychological or physiological side effects as a result. This could include heavy vaginal discharge, sexual dysfunctions, mood swings, or orgasm difficulty.

Begin Healing Now

Luckily, this type of condition is easily reversed in its infancy. You should first talk to your doctor about switching to a lower dosage of birth control, so that your liver has the time to play catch up. If a lower dosage is not an option, I would definitely consider getting off birth control for a few months so that your liver can cleanse the body of left over residue.

Once that part of things has been squared away, I would have you focus more on your diet. Little things like staying away from fatty foods, red meat, and dairy can help your situation greatly. Try integrating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, and drink plenty of water each day. A minimum of six glasses of water each day will help the liver to flush out any harmful toxins.

Herbal Intervention

I would also recommend utilizing a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Muira Puama, Mexican Wild Yam, Fo Ti, and Safflower. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Vaginal Detox & Infection Relief) These herbs will restore essential fatty and amino acids, as well as micro-flora that promote good better vaginal health. They will also help the body expel harmful toxins, including synthetic hormonal build-up.

If you do not see an improvement after a few months, you should see your doctor again in order to rule out any chance of infection.

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