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From a Deluge to a Desert – Feminine Dryness

This woman is having her cake and eating it too; she has a lover who she is seeing on the side but is now experiencing a little hick-up in the form of vaginal dryness. How can she overcome this?
Case #: 1947

So I’m like a hot woman in my early 40s and I have a steady boyfriend. He’s pretty boring in the sack though so I started seeing this other guy who is younger and is packing!
One thing that I noticed is that when we’re having sex and he’s pounding me really hard it starts hurting and it doesn’t feel as wet as it used to. Is there any way to take something that will increase my juiciness down there?
I need your help because I don’t want to lose my lover!

Miranda had been a super horn-dog from her mid-teens, when she first started having sex, to well into her 20s. She saw different men during those times and was very happy-go-lucky in her sexual exploits. As the big three-oh approached, she tired of the bad boys that she was dating and wanted to settle down with a more responsible man since she’d “had all her fun.”
She shacked up with a banker type guy, and although he wasn’t as exciting and reckless as the men she secretly lusted after, he provided financial stability. Since her hormones were still boiling over it wasn’t long before she began secretly seeing other men.
A Sudden Realization

One day while lying in a motel room with one of her sex partners, she felt as though he wasn’t as pleased as he’d been in the past. She nagged him to tell her why he didn’t seem that into sex with her and he replied that she felt like the Sahara Desert between her legs.
Since she was in her mid-40s she did a little research and found out that her hormonal levels were dipping and that that was the cause of her dryness. Unfortunately for her, her lovers had already left her by then anyway. They’d gone on to date younger, juicier women.
Dry Docked

This cycle of hormonal depletion happens to thousands of women each and every year. During a female’s teens, 20s, and 30s, they are expected to run around fiending for various cylindrical objects to engorge themselves with, since their estrogen and progesterone levels are overflowing.
Once a woman hits her 40s her once sordid and scandalous sexual exploits are suddenly drawn to an anti-climactic close, as her hormonal levels begin to flat line. This evacuation of sex hormones is accompanied by another, even more sinister betrayal; the evaporation of vagina moisture.
A woman can go from practically being like a monsoon downstairs, soaking a man until he feels as if he should be wearing a snorkel, to an old, broken down ferris wheel in the middle of a desert that no man wants to ride. So how can one mitigate these changing tides?
The Juicy Makeover

To men it’s a turn-on when a woman gets wet, so give them what they want with a vagina lubricant. (TRY: Vaginal Lubricants for Dyness Relief) The best ones provide a relief from pain associated with dryness, improved sensitivity and pleasure during intercourse, and last for a long time, should you go into extra-innings with a lover.
We’re not talking about stuff that you can find in your local dollar store; you get what you pay for. If you are looking to create memorable experiences that will last you for the rest of your years, try a lubricant that is specially formulated to produce maximum results with minimal application.
These lubes compensate for the lack of estrogen and progesterone flowing around later on in life, and will have you with your legs cocked up into the air, squealing with pleasure all night long. So upgrade your sex life today!

What to do

Vaginal Lubricants Guide - A Solution for the Desert Between Your Legs

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