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Excessive Vaginal Flatulence is Damaging Your Sex Life

A 25-year old male is concerned that his 37-year old girlfriend cannot seem to stop her vaginal flatulence while they are engaging in sexual activity. He claims the flatulence is “very loud” and breaks his arousal. The woman has had one child, however the child was not born vaginally.

Case #: 462


I'm a 25-year-old male with a 37-year-old girlfriend. We engage in a lot of sex, particularly in the doggy-style position. However, I would often times notice "farts" coming from her vagina when I am penetrating her. Many times the farts are very loud and become a massive turn off for me. Even with an 8" penis, her vaginal opening is still very large in diameter, especially when it is well lubricated. What is causing the farts? She only has one child, which was delivered by C-Section so I know it's not because of that. Is it the age difference, my penis size, her vaginal opening being too big, or what?


As unfortunate and upsetting as it is to think about, we all age over time, some better than others. Men in particular seem to get better looking with age, while the entire structure of the woman form begins a slow “nose dive” after age 30.

This decline is not purely cosmetic, vaginal aging is one of the main complaints coming from women of a certain age these days. Not many women like the idea of loose skin anywhere on their bodies, especially their vaginal region!

Lacking Elastic and All Dried Up
As women grow older, they begin to realize their vaginal muscles loosen a bit or they are no longer able to self lubricate before or during intercourse. They could also experience a decrease of sensitivity. These are all signs of an aging vagina. Luckily, there are ways to rectify these untimely situations.

Showing Too Much Skin
In this particular study, the woman has not birthed a child in the “natural” way. Her child was delivered by C-section.

The main causes for vaginal looseness include hormone imbalances, excessive masturbation, and at the top of the list, birth control. This rules out the theory that the flatulence is largely being caused by vaginal looseness. What could be the very likely cause is an excess of clitoral skin.

For someone like your partner, excess clitoral skin can lead to added vaginal farts, which can be a personal turn off. Now, for most men, the problem is minor. But since it is causing you to lose an erection, it becomes a major problem.

Lubrication can help minimize the sounds, but too, tightening up the vaginal muscles with herbal formulas can minimize the often libido-killing sounds. These formulas include all-natural ingredients that restore proper hormonal balance that may have damaged the skins ability to restore proper tightness to its muscles and tissues.

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