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Vaginal Looseness: Is Too Much Sex To Blame?

After years of frequent intercourse, a 32-year-old woman's future husband is concerned that their numerous intimate encounters have caused her vaginal looseness. Can too much sex "stretch" the vagina? How can the couple revitalize their lovemaking?

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I love sex, just as any man does. Lately, however, sex with my soon-to-be wife seems missing a certain—pleasure—to it. Before, when I penetrated her, it felt as if my penis were a cellophane-packaged cucumber, wrapped nicely to feel every groove and ridge. Now when I penetrate her, it feels as if my popsicle were being stuck inside an empty fountain-drink cup. I feel little sensation, and even worse, she feels no pleasure.

When we first met, she was not the tightest around, but she sure as heck wasn’t the loosest, either. Now, it feels as if she gave birth. As a 32-year-old woman with no children, she should not be having these problems. Could our years of extensive sex be the cause for her problems? Or is her problem associated with another issue? ---Mr. Doesn’t Want to Marry A Loose Goose


Vaginas come in a range of shapes and sizes. Much like any other body part, vaginas are minutely unique to each person, and they may change size or shape throughout a person's lifetime. Vaginal looseness may affect women across a broad range of ages, and is not exclusively a symptom of age.

Can Too Much Sex "Stretch" the Vagina?

According to medical research, the short answer is no. A slightly longer answer is, maybe, for certain women, at a certain age, with certain other factors at play that reduce elasticity in the vagina.

Popular belief about vaginal size and tone are, unfortunately, fraught with mythology. To cite a common example, having sex for the first time is widely thought to permanently re-size the vaginal opening, but this is simply not the physiological truth. Too often, a virgin woman is anxious about sex, or suffering pain from the hymen's stretching during her first intercourse session. Both of these factors may cause the vagina to feel tighter than when the same woman is more comfortable and more turned on during future encounters.

Medical coverage on the topic of vaginal looseness is divided over whether or not an excessive amount of intercourse or masturbation with a dildo during middle or late adulthood can permanently loosen the vagina. After all, it's also possible that too little sex can cause looseness if the muscles used for sex lose their tone. The most common timing for the onset of age-related vaginal looseness is during menopause. However, at 32 years old, age could still be the root cause of these changes-- each person ages differently.

If the changes in her body are not related to age or childbirth, other possible causes include a hormonal imbalance triggered by birth control pills or other types of prescription medication. Either way, hormonal changes are most likely involved.

What You Can Do:

However you decide to handle this, do your best to avoid making your lover feel like something is wrong with her. Vaginal size varies between women, and changes in vaginal tone throughout life are very common. After all, making her feel inadequate can only create new problems in your sex life. Certain medicinal herbs and herbal formulas (See: VRD Formula II) may help the body regulate levels of DHEA, HGH, and other hormones that help maintain and restore vaginal and erectile tissues after intercourse.

If you and your lover don't see an improvement after trying herbal remedies, don't lose hope for the role of intercourse in your relationship. You can try different sexual positions that take advantage of her thigh muscles to increase the feeling of tightness for you and for her. If she hasn't tried Kegels, these exercises can strengthen the pelvic muscles and counteract the hormonal factors of vaginal looseness.

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