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Growing Old with My Buddy, Urinary Tract Infection

Throughout childhood, she experienced recurring urinary tract infections and eventually sought treatment from a gynecologist. That doctor performed a botched-up procedure that likely caused nerve damage in her pelvic region. Now she can’t orgasm and needs a remedy to correct the earlier damage done to her vagina.

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Growing up, I had problems with UTIs and was referred to a gynecologist. The procedure the decided to do was so painful that she could not go through with it. Do you think that is what possibly caused nerve damage? There is definitely something wrong with me, because I can’t have an orgasm.


One of the most frustrating conditions a woman can have is orgasm difficulty. Sex is supposed to be fun and easy, but for millions of women just the prospect of making love fills them with unease. They don’t understand why they can’t reach climax and blame themselves rather than the mechanisms of their bodies.

To answer your question, a surgical procedure can indeed cause nerve damage that interferes with orgasm. Some doctors suspect that many women who experience pelvic pain, including those with recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs), have a condition known as pudendal neuralgia. The pudendal nerve is prominent in the female anatomy – it extends from the rectum and passed through the vagina and labia into the clitoris.

The Pudendal Nerve

Symptoms of pudendal neuralgia are many and can mimic those of other illnesses. Pain during urination and intercourse as well as a frequent urge to urinate are commonly reported. This is because the nerves that traverse the bladder also intersect with those smaller nerves that branch from the pudendal nerve.

Another problem associated with pudendal neuralgia is that of sexual dysfunction, especially when it comes to orgasm. Each person reaches climax a little differently just like each has his or her own fingerprints. But the nerve largely responsible for female orgasms is the pudendal, which contains many nerve endings that reach to the clitoris. Its counterpart is the pelvic nerve, which goes to the vagina and uterus and has fewer endings. Both of these nerves intersect in the spinal cord, and although they remain separate, their close proximity allows some women to have dual clitoral and vaginal orgasms at the same time.

Loss of Sensitivity

Loss of sensitivity in the pudendal nerve prevents a woman from reaching orgasm. It is the chief passageway through which sexual stimulation emits feelings of pleasure. Surgery and other procedures can cause the damage responsible for desensitizing the pudendal. Additional culprits include repeated infections, chronic constipation and genetic abnormalities.

But sex encompasses more than physical arousal and also requires emotional well-being. Many health care professionals believe sexual activity can remind women of unpleasant events from their past. This suggests your previous experience with recurring urinary tract infections may have colored the way in which you now perceive your body. As a result of your long-ago visit to the gynecologist, you may also expect pain or other displeasure during sex.

One of the best ways to overcome mental barriers to sexual pleasure is speak with your partner about your fears. The two of you can also explore other ways to enjoy intercourse, including kissing and cuddling so you feel loved. Without this communication, you’ll only continue to feel pressure to climax during sex and a sense of inadequacy when you cannot.

Repair Your Body

Because orgasm requires nerve sensitivity in the clitoris and vagina, you need a remedy that will undo the damage you’ve suffered. The quickest and easiest way to restore sensitivity is with a natural botanical formula that contains specially-blended herbs. (TRY: Herbal Blend for Vaginal Restoration) Ingredients like Pumpkin Seed and Chrysin will be of particular benefit in helping you achieve orgasm because they target sexual nerve receptors. These and other herbs work together to repair damaged tissues, balance hormone levels and improve blood flow to the genitalia.

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