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Birth Control Affects The Liver Too

Learn about a woman, whose continued birth control use is giving her some peculiar problems.

Case #: 1383


I've been on birth control for about four months now. My problem is that I haven't had my monthly period to the extent of blood and cramps and all the fun stuff women go through for at least three of those months, instead I get a brown gooey discharge with a small amount of blood in it. I've been on birth control before which was about a year and a half ago and never seem to have this problem except if I missed a pill, but I have been taking my pills this time around like I am supposed to. What should I do?


Though a little extra vaginal discharge is fine during birth control use, a discharge of a different color is definitely not normal.

The Birth Control Breakdown

When women experience vaginal discharge that is brownish in color, and they are currently taking a form of birth control, their bodies are typically trying to tell them that their livers are failing. Not failing in the traditional sense of “shutting down,” but more in the way that it isn't able to do its job correctly.

Birth control works by flooding the brain with mass amounts of estrogen and the synthetic version of progesterone called progestin. Once these hormones reach the mind, the brain begins to believe that the body is actually with child. When the brain has then been convinced that you are in fact pregnant, it will send a signal through the body to shut off the ovarian function.

Liver Failure

These large amounts of estrogen and progestin need to then be disposed of through the liver. If the liver is not able to cleanse the body completely of the left behind hormonal residue, it will show through your discharge. Subsequently, the synthesis of the neurotransmitters dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin will no longer have the full support of the liver. And because of this you may suffer from side effects such as heavy discharge, mood swings, and numerous sexual dysfunctions including intercourse pain and possibly orgasm difficulty.

How To Fix It

Firstly, I would have you set up an appointment with your doctor to see if you might be able to get on a lower dosage of the birth control you've already been prescribed. This might help your liver to catch up with the new level of hormonal in-take.

Secondly, you should stay away from fatty foods such as red meats, and also dairy. You should stick to fruits and vegetables, and be sure you are constantly hydrated. About six glasses of water each day will help your liver flush out toxins more regularly.

Lastly, by utilizing herbs such as Mexican Wild Yam, Fo Ti, Muira Puama, and Safflower ,you may rejuvenate your liver function and it's immunity. (TRY: Vaginal Detox and Infection Relief Formula) These natural herbs will also renew the fatty and amino acids within the body that are essential to well balanced vaginal health.

If you do not experience an improvement within the next six months, you should notify your doctor immediately in order to avoid any progressive infection.

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