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When Vibrators Cause More Harm than Pleasure

In the past, she has used a vibrator multiple times a day to easily reach orgasm. Now she has a sexual partner and can no longer climax, although she desperately wants to.

Case #: 585


I am always really horny and masturbate for relief. I have used my bullet (toy) to have an orgasm twice a day. Now I have met someone, and my sensations are gone. When he performs oral sex on me, I don’t have an orgasm, and that used to be an automatic. What has happened to me? Is there anything I can do that can bring me back to having normal sensations?


You are suffering from orgasm dysfunction, which commonly occurs with repeated use of vibrators, bullets and other sex toys. Orgasm dysfunction simply means that you can’t reach climax because your clitoris and/or G-spot are insensitive. Using a vibrator is fun and brings great sexual pleasure, but its very design means it can over-stimulate the sex organs. You have over-stimulated yours, and now you need to give them a rest.

Demystifying the Female Orgasm

During sexual intercourse, some women climax and some do not. This is because the vagina is not a sexual organ, and if a woman’s G-spot is not stimulated, she won’t reach an orgasm. The clitoris, on the other hand, is a sure-fire place that can be easily located and even more easily aroused. Repeatedly stroking the clitoris brings most women to orgasm, which makes vibrators so popular among females.

Doctors and psychologists do not understand the physiological reasons for a female orgasm because it isn’t necessary for conception – the primary function of sex. But healthcare professionals fully grasp why women want to reach climax: it feels amazing and offers a number of benefits to the mind and body that people inherently crave. It relieves stress, knocks years off biological age, promotes heart health, reduces pain, and restores a person to a state of bliss.

How the Vibrator Causes Harm

With this in mind, it’s no wonder women seek pleasure from vibrators. Occasional use of these toys is fine, but constant use can lead to insensitivity and orgasm dysfunction. With 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Directly touching it with a vibrator several times a day can be too much for those nerves, and some women even experience pain after over-stimulating their clits. Here is where the orgasm dysfunction comes into play; if your clitoris is desensitized, touching it will not bring you to climax.

The same is also true of the vagina when women masturbate with dildos and similar toys. Your G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, and repeatedly stimulating it can cause vaginal insensitivity. Whether with regard to your clit or G-spot, insensitivity means those insanely pleasurable feelings that ensue from sex have withered.

But rest assured the damage is not permanent, meaning your sexual dysfunction won’t last. Sex toys do not cause real harm to the vagina, G-spot or clitoris. Taking a break from oral sex and masturbation will restore the normal sensations you’re desperately seeking.

Get Back to the Big O

In just a few days, your insensitivity will subside so you can enjoy sex again. If you feel amorous in the meantime, try to give yourself pleasure without directly touching your clit. Women masturbate in many different ways, and you and your new partner can also experiment to help you climax. The key is to not think about the orgasm itself. Simply relax and revel in all the sensations of sex.

You can also make an herbal tincture to increase sensitivity during sex. Tinctures are made of dried herbs and alcohol and have been used for many centuries to treat different ailments and illnesses. The recipe you need includes herbs like Angelica Sinensis and Ginger (see: Tincture Recipe) to heighten arousal and pleasure. Consistently taking this tincture will give you toe-curling satisfaction during sex so you reach orgasm each and every time.

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