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Side Effects of Birth Control Can Mean Estrogen Dominance and Excessive Vaginal Discharge

Her excessive vaginal discharge, caused by a hormonal imbalance, is making its presence known during sex. She took birth control for 13 years but now, after one year off it, is still feeling the effects of too much estrogen in her body.

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Sometimes I get too wet when we have sex, and I think that is a factor on how good it feels for him. I took birth control for 13 years, but I have been off the pill for a year now. What is your opinion or solution to our problem?


Some vaginal discharge, which provides lubrication, is necessary during sex to increase comfort for you and your partner. This is normal, and the amount can naturally fluctuate depending on where you are in your 28-day cycle. Daily discharge is also normal, because it helps clean the vagina and maintain a healthy pH balance that fights off infection.

But excessive lubrication, like you describe, suggests a problem that is rooted in your hormones. It can also reduce sexual pleasure. The wetness may inhibit your feelings of stimulation and take away from his need for friction. Some lubrication is good but, as you can attest, too much creates problems in the bedroom.

Birth Control and Estrogen Dominance

In order to correct your excessive vaginal discharge, it is first necessary to look at the cause. Oral contraceptives contain estrogen that, once ingested, throw off the body’s natural hormonal balance. Progesterone, estrogen and testosterone all play crucial roles in the female reproductive system, but progesterone in particular helps to stabilize estrogen and offset its effects on many organs and tissue. The body therefore uses complex communication loops to ensure each hormone is at its optimal level.

Birth control can upset the delicate balance by introducing more estrogen than the body needs. To further complicate the situation, birth control also suppresses the production of progesterone, giving estrogen the opportunity to skyrocket in level. Because you took birth control for so many years, you have an estrogen imbalance that is now wreaking havoc on your system. Known as estrogen dominance, this condition causes symptoms like fatigue, irritability, hair loss, bloating, and weight gain.

Hormones Cause Vaginal Discharge

It would be nearly impossible to discuss estrogen imbalance without also mentioning vaginal discharge. As already mentioned, this discharge is usually normal, and it is an expected sexual response. But estrogen dominance causes excessive vaginal discharge by stimulating the cervical glands. This typically occurs during ovulation to create a welcome environment for sperm. Then, when estrogen levels return to normal, vaginal discharge also drops to a less noticeable quantity.

Your hormones levels, however, remain imbalanced one year after discontinuing birth control. The estrogen in your system has built up with time and will continue to manifest itself with symptoms. This fact coupled with your body’s natural lubrication at times of arousal is producing the excessive lubrication you and your boyfriend notice during sex.

Point of Concern

Although excessive lubrication is not cause for concern, your body’s high levels of estrogen are. They suggest your liver can no longer process and convert for beneficial use the estrogen in your body. The first step you must take is to naturally detoxify your liver so it can once more filter excessive hormones and toxins from your blood. You can do this by eating a balanced diet of fiber, fruits and vegetables, and drinking plenty of water. Avoid fried and processed foods, and drink dandelion root tea before going to bed.

Rejuvenate Your Body

Until your hormones return to normal, excessive estrogen will remain in your body’s tissues. But an herbal remedy that naturally regulates estrogen will stop the cycle of vaginal discharge and discontent during sex. (SEE: Herbal Remedy for Excessive Vaginal Discharge) Ingredients like Fenugreek and Bupleurum help to eliminate toxins from the liver, while Dong Quai and Black Cohosh balance progesterone and estrogen. An herbal remedy will not only help you feel better faster, but it will also revitalize your sex life.

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