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World Cup Sex—Not What You’d Think

Woman has sex only once every four years. She feels vaginal looseness is to blame. Her husband says that her lips do not grip him, and she says she cannot feel her husband’s thrusts properly. What can she do to restart their sex life and tighten her vagina?

Case #: 610


My sex life follows the World Cup—it only happens once every four years. Despite this dearth of sex, I still enjoy the activity—even though my habits say otherwise. And while I’m still in love my husband, he agrees that our sex life could use an improvement. The biggest area that could use a boost is my vaginal looseness. I guess that after three kids you don’t feel 23-years-old anymore; you feel 53.

My looseness is the main reason I avoid sex. I can no longer feel my husband’s rhythmic thrusts inside of me. And even he agrees: he cannot feel my lips grip his penis as they should. So what should I do? Can my sex life be saved? Or will it continue on like the World Cup?


I’m so sorry that sex has become so unfulfilling for you! I’m sure three young children doesn’t help with making time for romance. However, I do feel that you’ll be able to recover your love life, and quickly!

The Muscles You Never See

Especially in women in their late teens and early twenties, it is common after birth for the vagina to quickly return to its natural tightness. However, when a woman undergoes multiple births, even at a young age, her vagina loses its ability to completely “snap back”. What can be done in this instance? The best solution is an exercise known as Kegels. Arnold Kegel invented Kegel exercises in 1948, and they serve to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles of the pelvic floor.

Your vagina, bladder, and anus are all wrapped by bands of these muscles; by strengthening them, you not only give yourself a tighter feeling vagina, but also better, stronger orgasms, better vaginal control, and better bladder control—which is especially important for post-partum females.

Hold it…

The reason Kegels are so effective is because they work muscle against muscle, building up stronger resistance without damage. Kegels can be done anywhere, as the entire process occurs inside the body. They can also have dramatic effects through only a few seconds of practice per day. The most important thing in beginning Kegels is to properly identify the muscle group. Many women have found that the best way to recognize their vaginal PC muscles is to stop the flow of urine whilst they are going to the bathroom. That sensation of clenching and holding is what you’re looking for when you practice the exercises.

While stopping urination is a good way to find the right muscle group, it’s important to not rely on that method for practice, as regularly stopping urine can lead to issues with urine retention and bladder infections. Once you can recognize the feeling, you should begin to practice clenching and holding these muscles as you go about your day. Holding for about 5 seconds is a good way to start, while remembering to breathe evenly.

Try to increase how long you can hold your muscles tight. Almost all women see results within a few months, while some see results within two weeks! It simply depends on how often you practice.

Healing from the Inside

I would also suggest trying an herbal remedy to strengthen and tone your vagina from the inside out. Kegels are a wonderful way to rejuvenate the muscles, but a natural supplement (see more: VRD Formulation) can also increase blood flow, and benefit the elasticity of the tissues inside the vagina.

By beginning a course of muscle strengthening and by healing your stretched and fatigued vaginal environment, I’m sure you will soon be having a happy sex life again in no time!

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