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Her G-Spot Insensitivity Impedes Orgasm during Sex

She has not been able to reach orgasm for years. The repeated attempts and constant variations in position are causing intense frustration. An herbal tincture will help restore vaginal sensitivity so she can once again climax.

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I have been experiencing orgasm difficulty for years. No matter what position my boyfriend and I try, I cannot orgasm. I try and try and TRY, but the frustration that I feel makes me want to quit sex altogether. Please help me get my vaginal orgasms back.


Women can’t help but wonder if a clitoral orgasm is better than a vaginal orgasm. For those two-thirds of females who never experience the latter, they can only speculate. But a select few, like yourself, can have both and are considered extremely lucky in terms of sexual response.

The problem in knowing what have is that you miss it once it’s gone. You’re experiencing G-spot insensitivity as a result of nerve damage. Rest assured this condition is temporary and can be corrected. A little knowledge of the female anatomy will help you understand sexual pleasure and how to recapture your ability to orgasm.

Is It a G-Spot or G-Zone?

It turns out that what has long been referred to as the G-spot is more like an entire erogenous zone. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has revealed this area consists of the front vaginal wall, internal portion of the clitoris – sometimes referred to as the legs – and the Skene’s glands. When stimulated, the nerves in this area react in a way not unlike clitoral stimulation. But it’s important to understand that G-spot nerves are different from clitoral nerves and travel in a different path to the brain. These characteristics distinguish a G-spot orgasm from that of a clitoral orgasm.

To better understand the G-spot, it is first necessary to look at each of its individual components. The front vaginal wall, also known as the anterior wall, is that which faces the stomach. Just a few centimeters from the vaginal opening is a spot on the wall that, when stimulated, causes the area to swell. Here is the main focus of the G-spot and vaginal orgasms.

Those orgasms also involve the clitoris and Skene’s glands, as already discussed. What you need to know about the clitoris is this: the external tip – which also produces an orgasm when stimulated – is only part of a much larger organ. Internally it is shaped like a wishbone, and each of its two extending parts go on either side of the vagina. Its upper bulb is on the front wall of the vagina and, like the external nub, is loaded with nerves.

Last are the Skene’s glands, made of the same tissue as the male prostate. Science confirms these glands are crucial to the G-spot and probably also contain a number of nerve endings. All three components work together to produce the deep and satisfying vaginal orgasms that some women experience.

Loss of G-Spot Sensitivity

It’s a well-known fact that once you locate your G-spot, you have only to stimulate it and an orgasm will ensue. It’s therefore no wonder that women so enjoy the stimulation. A G-spot orgasm is described as more fluid and less intense than a clitoral orgasm. But this doesn’t mean it’s less rapturous.

The trouble with delicate tissue is that it can become desensitized. This is a common problem with the clit and can also happen with the G-spot. Repeated stimulation causes temporary damage to the nerve endings. Alcohol and/or drug abuse, certain medications, surgeries, and even childbirth can also change your vagina and desensitize your G-spot. One of these culprits explains why you can no longer reach orgasm.

A Tincture for the Tissue

For centuries, people have made and used herbal tinctures to treat a variety of ailments. (TRY: Female Orgasm Intesifier Tincture) They are especially useful for promoting sexual health because herbs help restore balance to the body. Tinctures harness the healing powers of multiple ingredients, and they are at once potent and easy to make. A blend that will restore sensitivity to your vagina and help you again enjoy the pleasures of sex includes Horny Goat Weed, Dong Quai and American Ginseng.

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