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Is Heavy Discharge Normal?

Learn about a woman who is experiencing heavy loads of discharge, and what she can do to lessen the burden.

Case #: 1493


I am on my period for only two days when I start experiencing really thick discharge and then I start getting my normal period with blood. What is the reason behind this abnormal discharge? I want it to be gone and be able to experience a normal period instead of something out of the norm.


Normal health circumstances dictate that the vagina should always sustain a certain amount of secretion that helps keep the vagina moist. An increase of vaginal discharge usually occurs during sexual excitement, or between menstrual periods. Vaginal discharge is considered a problem if it increases to a volume that is staining your undergarments, or causing a noticeable uncomfortably.

Normal Conditions

Many times in these cases, long term birth control use is the main reason why a woman might experience such a drastic change in a normally well balanced hormonal system. This occurs, because the pill's main ingredients are estrogen and progesterone. A serge of both hormones is what tricks the brain into shutting down the ovarian function, because the body now believes you are actually with child. It takes a lot of progesterone to pull a fast one on the body.

There are many reasons behind excessive vaginal discharge, but they are all rooted in hormonal imbalances. For one reason or another, your progesterone levels have peaked and the result is an over stimulated cervix. When the cervix is stimulated too much, it causes a heavier load of vaginal discharge.

Flush It Out

Firstly, I would have you self-asses the type of discharge your body is expelling. If there seems to be a tint of green or yellow, it is very possible that vaginal infection has set in. If the texture is cottage cheese like or has a noticeable odor, you may have a yeast infection. Once you have pin pointed the reason behind your abnormal vaginal discharge, it will be easier to figure out the solution. However, If you are in fact experiencing a change in color, or have noticed a foul odor, I would strongly recommend seeing your OBGYN immediately so that you may combat the infection more effectively and aggressively.

Once you have that part of things squared away, you'll be able to start the real internal work. Simple things like drinking plenty of water each day can help your situation greatly. A minimum of six glasses of water each day will help your liver to flush out any harmful toxins that might have been left behind. It will also help to break down some of the thickness in your discharge.

Herbal Intervention

I would also recommend utilizing a natural herb called Pueraria Mirifica. (TRY: Pueraria Mirifica-The Hormonal Balancer) This herb is a natural hormone balancer that will help to stabilize the female sex hormone, as well as improve your mood.

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