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Prescription Medications and Inexperience Cause a Lack of Orgasm

A woman on sleeping medications and anti-seizure medications has a hard time achieving orgasms. She has never had an orgasm before the medication or since starting them. She wonders if birth control will help her.

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I would like to know why I don’t orgasm. I'm not on birth control pills. The medications I take are for seizures and for insomnia, Vitamin B12, iron pill, and Women's One A Day Vitamin. Would birth control pills help me orgasm or what can be done to help me. I have never had an orgasm.


Prescription medications do not have a good reputation for helping with orgasms. Whether it decreases sex drive, vaginal sensitivity, or just makes the patient tired, a lot of times medications are the culprit of a difficult time cumming.

However, when the medication is being taken to cure things like seizures and insomnia, dropping the medication isn’t necessarily the right course of action. With a little effort and practice, anyone can orgasm.

Medications Restricting Orgasms

A hormone called Oxytocin is responsible for orgasms. Although its levels are incredibly high while sexually aroused, it is also present during simple feel-good activities like hugs and playing with pets. In addition to orgasms, the hormone can reduce stress, help with weight loss, and it works as an anti-depressant. Oxytocin is why sex has been known to have healing powers.

Unfortunately, a lot of medications can restrict Oxytocin or reduce the amount that the pituitary gland releases. Anti-seizure medication can lower sexual arousal and responsiveness, as well as cause fatigue.

Anti-depressants, too, can cause exhaustion and a lowered sex drive. Birth control is renowned for reducing sexual drive as well as vaginal sensitivity. A toxic build up on the pituitary gland will restrict the amount of Oxytocin produced and prevent achieving an orgasm. However, stopping the medications can be dangerous and counter-productive to your original health issues.

Seizures and Orgasming

High powered orgasms may trigger a seizure to those prone to epilepsy. Low-level orgasms can be attained, even while on medications. A blend of herbs including catuaba, milk thistle, mulberry, and shilajit can promote liver health and the detoxing of the body. This can help clear the toxic build up preventing oxytocin production. These herbs will also encourage the production of estrogen, dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones make you feel happy and help the blood flow through the vaginal tissues for proper sexual feelings.

It is important not to push yourself too much. Once the blood is flowing through the clitoral and cervical tissues, the vagina expands and prepares the pituitary to release the oxytocin. After the ensuing orgasm, too much oxytocin can be produced. If the orgasm-inhibiting hormone prolactin is not released it may become too much on the body.

Experience as an Issue

If you have never achieved an orgasm, experience could be a big issue. Practice makes perfect. Make yourself comfortable, don’t put too much pressure or too many expectations on yourself, and find a method that makes you comfortable. No one orgasms 100% of the time, but everyone has potential to. Good luck and happy practicing!

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