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Has The Pill Ruined My Liver

Learn how this young lady might have to rethink her form of birth control.

Case #: 818


I am on birth control pills and on the 10th to the 14th day of my cycle, I have a brown stringy vaginal discharge and bleeding. Spotting occurs as well after that. I am afraid my liver has had enough of the this the case?


Though I'm a firm believer in the ideology that we are all very much the same, our bodies were not all created equal. Unfortunately, the birth control I, or another takes without any problems, can reek havoc on the next girl. This was my personal case about five years ago.

Abnormal Discharge

The first time I started taking the pill, my doctor prescribed me the exact same birth control as my best friend had been given. While she felt absolutely fine whenever she took hers, I was miserable. I bled 'brown' for almost two weeks, and when the bleeding stopped the real pain began.

I used to dread taking my pill every day, because I knew within thirty minutes of consumption my head would be pounding and I'd barely be able to stand from the dizzy spells it caused. It was blatantly obvious that the pill just wasn't for me.

Is The Damage Done

In your case, what has happened is your liver has stopped purifying the artificial hormones in birth control pills into organic estrogen and progesterone. You might have also noticed some dry mouth here and there. This is your body's way of telling you that your liver is having a hard time detoxing from the synthetic hormones.

Other Signs Of Distress

Another worrisome aspect in your case is the brown discharge. Don't get me wrong, brown discharge is fine when we're just finishing up our periods. But sporadic, stringy-brown discharge definitely sends up a red flag.

The liver, in this case, has become too weak to orchestrate a good detoxification process. I learned this lesson the hard way. Believe me, you don't want this condition to progress. It's one thing to have a weak liver, it's another to feel weak and broken down every day.

Why It Happens

Like I explained in the beginning, our bodies react to different things in different ways. It's not your fault that you body just happened to react in this way. Some women, myself included, cannot handle the high amount of extra estrogen that courses through us while taking birth control. Luckily there are a plethora of contraceptives out there and your options have not dwindled in the least.


What's important now is to rigorously detox your body of the residual metabolic build-up that your birth control will leave behind. For this I would recommend herbs like Mexican Wild Yam and Safflower. (SEE: Vaginal Discharge Relief Detoxification) These will help the detoxification process along in a much more organic and natural way.

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