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Birth Control Breakdown

Learn about a woman who's experiencing some peculiar discharge, and how she can clear up this murky problem.

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I started taking a different birth control that has lower levels of hormones. This has caused me to have brown sticky discharge. This went on for a week. I am wondering, is this from the birth control? I am currently sexually active with only one partner and I have been on birth control for almost four years now. Would it be safe to stay on birth control or should I ease off? I want to get rid of this discharge. Please help me. I want this to stop.


Oral contraception can be a tricky egg to crack. Birth control is not for everyone, because there is no guarantee that the hormones will end up integrating well with your own unique genetic makeup. In fact, the inner workings of the pill are pretty much based on throwing your naturally well-balanced hormone levels into total disarray.

The Birth Control Conundrum

Birth control essentially works by flooding the brain with loads of synthetic progesterone called progestin, and estrogen. This intense rush of hormones causes the mind to believe that you are actually pregnant. Once the brain thinks you are with child, it will send a message to the ovarian function to shut down.

Over the years, your liver may start to lag behind when it comes to cleansing the body of the left over hormonal residue. Over time the liver will not be able to keep up with the abundant amount of extra estrogen and progesterone, and your body will let you know through your discharge. Some women also experience some pain in the lower abdominal muscles.

High Hormone Levels

When large amounts of progesterone accumulate in the uterus and cervix the liver will not be able to fully support the synthesis of neurotransmitters. This accumulation may also cause some women numerous psychological or physiological side effects such as mood swings, intercourse pain, or orgasm difficulty.

How To Fix It

In order to really clean out your system, it might be wise to discontinue your birth control use for a few months. This will give your liver some time to catch up on its cleansing duties. I would also suggest drinking plenty of water throughout your day. A minimum of six glasses of water each day will also help to flush out the residue build-up that's been left behind.

I would also definitely recommend you utilize herbal remedies that include ingredients like Mexican Wild Yam, Safflower, Fo Ti, Muira Puama, and Fenugreek. (TRY: Natural Formula for Vaginal Detox and Infection Relief) These natural herbs will help to replace essential fatty and amino acids that improve vaginal health. They will also restore the micro-flora within the body, and cleanse the body of any harmful toxins.

If you do not notice an improvement over the next few weeks once you've chosen your plan of action, I would definitely talk to your doctor about the situation at hand. If the brownish discharge doesn't clear up, there is a possibility that it could begin to smell, and turn into a more serious infection.

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