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Is My Over-active Libido Causing Me Harm

Learn how a woman fears she's caused her own undoing.

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I love sex, and my love for sex has well, ruined me. My genitals feel numb. I often feel fatigue. I experience headaches, muscle cramps and even violent mood swings. I’m not menstruating, so I cannot blame PMS on my problems. I, however, do notice that after sex I experience all or most of these symptoms.


I love sex just as much as the next girl, and when my boyfriend and I started our sexual relationship, we barely left the bed. However, after about two weeks of constant sexual activity and stimulation, my body shut down, and I began to experience some of the same symptoms you're going through now.

Sexual Exhaustion

I began to do some research on my vaginal numbness, since that was the most alarming symptom. I learned that because of my rather excessive sex life, my genitals had become exhausted. Because of the high level of sexual stimulation, my body triggered tremendous amounts of prolactin and dopamine-norepinephrine that lead to a sexual exhaustive state, which caused additional pituitary-ovarian functional disorders.

Sexual exhaustion can form other symptoms too, including migraines and headaches, blurry vision, inflammation of the gums, sleep disorders, a ringing of the ears, joint pains, liver and kidney inflammation, and disorders of the uterus, cervix, bladder and urethra.

Cut It Out

As I'm sure you'll want to deescalate any inflammation, I strongly urge you to abstain from sex for at least a full week. During this break, your vagina will heal, and to speed the recovery process, you should consider taking natural herbs, such as Cornus, Lycium and Fo Ti, to revitalize your genital area. (TRY: Herbal Tincture For Female Sexual Exhaustion) After a week of no sexual activity, paired with this herbal remedy, I would recommend easing back into your normal sex activity.

I would also recommend staying away from fatty or processed foods, as they may add to your weakened state. You'd be surprised by the bursts of energy you can have by replacing red meat with a salad.

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