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Nothing Doing in the Bedroom: She Can’t Feel Her Boyfriend’s Penis while Having Sex

She and her boyfriend haven’t had sex in three weeks because she gets no satisfaction from the act. In fact, she doesn’t feel his penis at all while he’s inside her, and vibrators provide the same dull experience. The problem is a loss of nerve sensitivity caused by vibrator overuse.
Case #:969

When my boyfriend and I make love, I don’t feel his penis at all. I don’t feel it when he enters me, moves it around inside me or comes. I’ve had this problem since February and have been to three doctors. Not one has an answer to my problem. We haven’t had sex in three weeks. It affects him deeply because he thinks I don’t love or want him anymore and that he can’t please me. But I do orgasm from oral sex.

I didn’t have this problem with my ex, who made me come orally and vaginally. Also, my boyfriend comes too quickly. He’ll stick it in, and after a few pumps he comes. That’s premature ejaculation, right? We bought a silver bullet, and I can feel it on my clit but not inside me. He stuck it inside me, and I just heard it vibrate – I didn’t feel it. What could be my problem? We’ve tried every position, and none work. We have tried creams for tightening, but they also fail. I have a five-year-old and have tried Kegel exercises and they don’t work for either of us. What can be my problem? Is there a cause? Cure? The doctor I saw this past week said I might have to see a urologist. Would they be able to help? Please help. Our relationship is downhill since this.
Sexual satisfaction is one of the keys to a long and happy relationship. It is also one of the hardest qualities to maintain, especially where the female is concerned. This is partly because much of what goes on with the vagina and other sex organs remains unseen. Women have a hard enough time bending over to see what’s “down there.” The fact that the vagina is an internal sex organ makes knowing its condition that much harder.
Your Vagina’s Physical and Sexual Health

Being mindful of your vagina can maintain your overall health as well as that of your reproductive system. But this organ is more than a portal through which to control bacteria and give birth. It is also a crucial component to intercourse, and its sound health is necessary for clitoral and vaginal orgasms.
Nerves in the clitoris extend throughout the pelvis and come into close contact with those from the vagina. Anything that interferes with the vagina can therefore affect the clitoris and keep you from reaching orgasm. The same is also true of adverse effects to the clitoris, which can in turn impact the vagina.
The point in telling you this is that you have orgasm difficulty caused by vibrator overuse. You can’t orgasm by placing the vibrator on your clit because of nerve insensitivity. That damage, in turn, has extended to your vagina. This explains why you can’t feel your boyfriend’s penis during sex and therefore get no satisfaction when making love.
Too Much Stimulation

A vibrator is designed for the explicit goal of giving pleasure. Many have round tips and varying levels of speed and intensity so you can customize your experience. However, the clitoris also has no other purpose than to give you pleasure. Repeatedly touching this highly sensitive organ with a man-made device can therefore spell trouble.
The problem is not in using a vibrator, but rather in over-using it. Its direct contact with the clitoris can cause nerve damage. This process happens slowly: you use the vibrator a few times and achieve orgasm, but repeated and frequent use desensitizes your nerves. In the meantime, you’re accustomed to reaching orgasm and therefore use the vibrator on a higher speed or with more intense pulses to still achieve your end result. This causes more damage and, before you know it, you can’t orgasm at all because your nerves are on overload. Luckily the damage is temporary but should be seen as a sign that you need to take a break from clitoral stimulation.
Addressing Your Boyfriend’s Concerns

It sounds like you started using a vibrator because of your boyfriend’s rapid ejaculation during intercourse. You can enjoy longer, better sex by telling him to reduce his speed to one stroke for each second. This will delay his orgasm without distraction techniques like thinking about work or reciting the alphabet backwards in his head. If he feels like he’s close to the edge and it’s too soon during intercourse, quickly change positions or stop altogether until he’s back in control.

Get Your Sensitivity Back
Addressing your own body will also help the two of you enjoy thrilling and passionate time between the sheets. You need a formula to restore nerve sensitivity so that even a delicate stroke from your boyfriend will stimulate your clit. (SEE: Natural Clitoral Revitalization) The solution is an herbal blend to revive damaged nerves, provide nutrients for healthy tissue growth and improve blood flow to your genitals. With this formula, your time of orgasm difficulty and abstinence will be nothing more than a distant memory.

What to do

Natural Clitoral Revitalization – Revive the Sensitivity & Passion

Most modern career-oriented adults sadly discover that as life gets busier, they (and many other couples) indulge in unsatisfying goal-oriented sex. A ‘quickie’ gets the job done. But all this ‘too much’ and ‘too fast’ can numb a woman’s most...

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