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To Snip, or Not to Snip?...I Am Considering The Vaginal Reconstruction Surgery

Woman in her 40’s has a healthy sex life and feels satisfied with herself. However, she notices her vagina is not as tight as it once was. She wonders what the dangers of vaginal regeneration surgery are, and how she can rejuvenate herself with supplements.

Case #: 609


I was listening to the radio the other day, and the topic of conversation was what age do women start to “let themselves go.” Most of the answers fell well within my age bracket—40. And while I have noticed myself gain a bit of weight and experience a languid attitude toward my dress attire, my sex life remains active.

While the sex remains great, I want to repair my vaginal looseness, and I am considering vaginal reconstruction surgery. However, after reading websites, I noticed that vaginal reconstruction may be both costly and dangerous. What additional dangers do I face with surgery, and can I avoid the surgery with supplements?


Well, let’s just jump right into that! As with any surgery, vaginal rejuvenation is accompanied by the risk of bleeding, infection, damage to surrounding organs, scar tissue, and anesthesia complications. The difference here is that this surgery is unnecessary, unlike something like a triple-bypass, so you’re bringing these potential issues upon yourself for a payoff that in all probability doesn’t even matter. I’m sure your vagina is lovely now, and if anyone says otherwise, they really don’t deserve access to it.

Your vagina should make one person happy, and that’s you. I’m going to give you some tips on tightening and toning your PC muscles to give you the “grippiness” you might be missing, but please, don’t go cutting yourself up to make anyone happy, or because you think there might be something wrong with you because your vagina is a normal, pre-midlife one.

Nerves and Hormones

If any damage occurs to the surrounding organs, it will most likely be to the bladder, uterus, or ovaries—three organs many women are already having trouble with by their forties. Damage to the bladder will result in an inability to hold urine, sometimes accompanied by pain, depending on the specific type of damage, or simply a sensation of pressing urgency, that might not be able to be controlled, resulting in leakage.

Damage to the ovaries, either interrupting blood flow, or grazing nerves, can result in indefinable and constant pain. If blood flow is interrupted, either to or from the ovaries, the dispersal of hormones will also be influenced, which can bring on a multitude of problems: estrogen dominance, estrogen deficiency, testosterone deficiency, prolactin dominance; the list goes on and on. Once nerve damage occurs, there is little that can be done without more surgery. I’m sure you wouldn’t undertake something that could cause your life to become one issue after the next.

Even without any damage at all, the way in which the surgery heals can greatly influence how much enjoyment you get out of sex in the future. Any scar tissue left can, depending on its placement, both reduce pleasurable sensations and increase painful ones.

Scar tissue around the clitoris will make it difficult to orgasm or feel erotic sensation, scar tissue on the inside of the vagina will hurt during sex, as the stretching and rubbing will irritate it in a way that doesn’t normally happen with vaginal tissue. Scar tissue is almost impossible to avoid in a surgery, and again, it’s really something no one would choose to undergo.

Vaginal Strength Training

Have I scared you enough yet? Luckily, it’s very easy to begin tightening your vagina in a way that does not require surgery, and is all-around good for your pelvis. You might have heard of Kegel exercises in recent years. Kegels are an isometric way to tighten the muscles of your vagina, by clenching them as tight as you can against one another and holding. It might sound overly simple, but it’s highly effective.

Kegels are also beneficial for women suffering from bladder incontinence due to age, because the same muscle group also holds the urethra shut. You can do them multiple times throughout the day, and because the exercise takes place entirely inside your body, you can do them anywhere! Along with Kegels, I recommend beginning an herbal formula (See: VRD Formulation) generated to increase circulation and muscle elasticity. This will help you achieve faster results, without injuring yourself. Good luck!

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