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Taboo No More – Anal Sex is Gaining in Popularity and can be Safely Enjoyed by All Couples Who Employ a Little Forethought

She and her boyfriend are ready to try anal sex, but they have a few concerns to address first. Namely, they need to know how to work with his penis size and how to lubricate so neither gets hurt. Finding answers to their questions will give them a night of passion unlike any they’ve yet had.

Case #: 1745


Hi, I am a 25 year-old female, and my partner and I want to try anal sex, but I don’t know how to be prepared with his huge penis. He is 10 inches long, and I know he won’t go all the way in, but we want to take precautions. I don’t want him to damage anything, and I know I have to be extremely cautious of my body. I will have him definitely wear a condom, but are regular condoms ok? Will that be enough lube to penetrate me?


One of the best ways to enjoy passion is to plan for it. We don’t want to take away from spontaneity, but a little forethought will make sex safer and more pleasurable for both of you. This has long been a problem with anal sex – its previously taboo nature prevented couples from having open discussions. The few who did engage did so rather blindly, without taking their time and understanding the delicacy required for proper technique. Now, however, one in four straight couples engages in anal sex, and its newfound popularity has at last opened the doors for honest communication.

Keys to Enjoying Anal Sex

To enjoy anal sex, you must forget what you know – or rather, what you think you know. Women everywhere lament this position because it brings them pain. Here’s the reality: anal sex can be as enjoyable for you as vaginal intercourse. Women who engage the proper way – that is, take their time and know how to rev up their pleasure – often experience orgasm with anal sex. The pleasure of this position stems from the G-spot, which is easily stimulated during backdoor play.

But to reach orgasm, or to even enjoy anal sex, you must first relax. If you’re like most ladies, you’re probably worried about making a mess. Don’t worry – the anus isn’t as dirty as we’ve been taught to believe. As long as you practice proper hygiene, your anal cavity is not covered in feces. You can avoid a “mishap” by using the restroom about 45 minutes before you have sex. Also consider an anal douche, which will completely cleanse your anus and give you peace of mind.

Reaching orgasm before anal sex will help you relax physically. Clenching your muscles in fear will prohibit your boyfriend from even penetrating you. Tight muscles also increase the likelihood of your getting hurt. So lay back and let your lover work his magic. Most women reach orgasm with clitoral stimulation, a nice way to begin a sensual evening.

What You’ll Need for a Night of Passion

Although the anus isn’t a filthy and disgusting cavity, it is loaded with bacteria. Don’t get too grossed out – the vagina also houses a variety of flora that help maintain its health. What you need to worry about with anal sex is cross-contamination of bacteria. You can easily avoid this by having your boyfriend wear a condom, as you already suggested. He should wear one for anal sex and then change into another for vaginal intercourse, if you two get that far. This precaution is necessary so neither of you gets a bacterial infection.

You should also be prepared to verbalize your needs during anal sex. Let your boyfriend know if something hurts so he can stop. In this same vein, you need to take a proactive approach to backdoor play. Don’t give your boyfriend free reign to penetrate and pump. Instead, use your fingertips to slowly but surely guide him into you.

Last but not least is lubrication. Above all else, this will make penetration much easier and allow your boyfriend to slide in and out without tearing your skin. For lubricant to be effective, you need to use a lot – in other words, don’t be shy. We recommend a silicone-based variety because the texture is thicker and more effective than water- or oil-based counterparts. (SEE: Choosing The Right Silicone Lube)

If you follow the advice provided here and select a quality lube, anal sex will be a pleasant surprise for both of you.

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