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Please, Let This Be Normal!

She wonders what color vaginal fluid is supposed to be. She has noticed a white color in her vaginal secretions after sex, and worries that this is abnormal. Is it?
Case #: 1542

I know this may sound like a stupid question but I just need to know what color vaginal fluid should normally be. Last night my boyfriend and I had protected sex, but when he pulled out, we noticed that there was some white fluid on both him and myself. I am worried about this and I need to know whether it is normal or not. If there is even the slightest chance that white vaginal fluid is normal it would make me feel so much better.

No need to worry, white is a perfectly normal vaginal secretion color. It’s not semen; don’t run out to buy Plan B. As you know, vaginal discharge is your vagina’s way of cleaning itself. As such, the color can range from clear, to white, to grayish, without any hint of problem, so long as there isn’t any unusual smell, or itchiness, or irritation.
The reason why your vaginal secretions after sex were white as opposed to the, what I assume to be normal, clear is due to the action of your vagina and uterus during sex, and due also to your cervix.
Open Sesame

Your cervix is the gateway between your vagina and uterus. It’s about the size of a Cheerio, unless you’re having a baby, and is coated with cervical mucous like a bubble wand dipped in fluid. This mucous helps to prevent anything unwanted from getting into your vagina, from foreign matter, like sand or dirt, to bacteria and yeasts.
What Creates This Layer?

This mucosal layer changes throughout the month, dependent on your hormone levels, as the tides are dependent on the moon. As progesterone levels increase, so, too, does your thickness and quantity of cervical mucous. Your vagina regularly self-cleans, and the cervical mucous is extruded as discharge. This is why the smears in your panties change throughout the month as well.
A Little Off the Top

During sex, the cervix might take a little action, and this could cause an avalanche, of sorts, of cervical mucous to slough off. That mucous would adhere to the penis, and would also become mixed up in any lubrication—natural, or otherwise—that you had going on. When your lover removed his penis from your vagina, you could have seen anything from a thin, milky liquid to a thick, white discharge, and that would be normal.
A Practical Solution

Don’t run for the douche just yet! There are some herbs that have the ability to help modify your vaginal discharge, and can remove this problem. Increasing the detoxification ability of your body will go a long way towards stopping the excess discharge from occurring. The formula I have in mind increases circulation, which helps to pull unneeded hormones and detrimental toxins from the entire body—effectively removing the thick, high-progesterone mucous from your cervix. (TRY: Natural Formula for Vaginal Looseness Restoration) It also strengthens the kidneys and liver, to promote a powerful cleansing. You will soon see happier, stress-free days through the use of this remedy!

What to do

VRD Formula I - Vaginal Regeneration & Detoxification Formula For Abnormal Discharge

Birth control pills and prescription drugs have a detrimental impact on a women’s sexual health. Herbs in this formula can reverse the damage caused by birth control medications, OTC drugs, and prescription drugs. Herbs and essential minerals such...

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