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I Have Foul Tasting Discharge That Won't Quit

Learn how a woman seeks advice on how to make her wetness more pleasant.

Case #: 618


Hello. I have had an excessive amount of vaginal discharge now for over 8 years. I have been to several doctors, OBGYNs and specialist and they cannot seem to find anything wrong. When I have sex, I end up getting a large amount of white discharge on my husband every single time and it tastes very pungent once I get wet. I take very good care of myself and my hygiene yet I can’t get rid of the discharge or strong taste. It’s not a fishy taste but a strong vagina taste and scent. Is there anything I can try to do about this??


Thanks to cutting edge magazines, it's become pretty common knowledge that if a man ingests certain foods his sperm will taste more pleasant. I once fed my man a three pound bag of gummy bears to test this very idea and it actually works!

We Are What We Eat
The old saying 'You are what you eat,' actually rings true in a lot of ways. My initial advice to you, would be to take a good look at your diet. Hygiene might have not a whole lot to do with your situation. I would say the best way to beat that funk is to cut back on the red meat and say 'no' to dairy. If you replace these items with fruits and vegetables, it should decrease the odor considerably.

What About Taste

It's no secret that taste has it's certain level of importance when it comes to oral sex. I'm sure a 'strong vaginal taste' is none too pleasing to any partner. What you don't want to do is take any chemically designed medication to fix this problem. The chemicals will most likely make your vaginal discharge taste even worse. The best solution would be to consider a natural remedy for vaginal odor and taste (See: Sweet Secret)

Too Much Discharge

As for the abundance of discharge, this happens in many women who are experiencing an imbalance in their estrogen levels. If, for some reason, a woman's body has been set a bit off kilter and we are producing too much estrogen we begin to create more lubrication than is really needed. Balancing out those levels is actually quite easy with the help of herbs like Dong Quai.

Different Colors

If you still continue to experience this large amount of unappetizing discharge I would recommend really studying the texture and color of it. Is it more of a cream color? Does it have hues of green? And what about the consistency?

Is it the regular discharge you're used to, or has it taken on a sort of cottage cheese texture? If you've answered yes to any of these inquiries I would strongly advise you to see your OBGYN immediately as this could greatly affect your health and your partner's as well.

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