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I Had Sex With My Husband Every Night For The Past 4 years...But I Feel Nothing At All

Learn how a woman has lost vaginal sensitivity and how she can get it back without invasive surgery.

Case #: 716


I have had sex with my husband every night but for the past 4 years of our marriage. I feel nothing at all and I’m embarrassed to tell him. I want to feel pleasure. I want to look forward to making love at the end of the day, and I want to quiver with satisfaction.


As couples, we all go through our little dry spells. Sometimes this happens, not because we don't feel that special spark anymore, but because we've become a little undone. The chances are, if you're not feeling anything down there, then your partner is most likely in the same boat. Though a healthy sex life is not enough to loosen a woman's pelvic floor muscles, there are a few things that go along with sex that could be loosening you up.

Causes Of Vaginal Looseness

Over the years of life, it seems like we put our vagina's through the ringer. Between constant birth control use, different medications, and child birth it's a wonder on how we're expected to stay tight at all. Continuous use of birth control for instance, breaks down our testosterone which is vital to our vaginal health. Vibrators can also leave minor damage in their wake by desensitizing our clitoris. This really leaves our hands tied when wanting to achieve orgasm, because most women can only achieve climax with clitoral stimulation.

Age Discrimination

As we get older so do our vagina’s . . . Unfortunately. Women of a certain age might have dropped proper levels of hormones that are imperative to vaginal health. If you are currently experiencing an imbalance of DHEA or testosterone, you may have inadvertently caused the loosening of your vaginal skin.

The All Mighty Kegel

The first and best tip I can give you is to immediately start tightening and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. This will increase your sensitivity and give your husband some well earned friction. The best way to try out your kegel skills is to practice the next time you're on the commode. If you can start and stop your flow of urine by flexing those vaginal muscles, you'll have no problems doing kegel exercises throughout the day.

Get That Motor Running

In order to really regenerate and detoxify vaginal tissue, you'll need to look to the natural way of things. Herbs like Milk Thistle, Suma, and Guarana will greatly increase erectility of the vaginal tissue. They will also improve blood flow, strength elasticity, and increase nerve sensitivity. With this formula and some good old vaginal exercise, you'll be tighter than a vice in no time!

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