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Sudden Surges of Heat to My Face and Neck Are Uncomfortable

Hot Flashes Cause Woman Embarrassment: Discover how a 54 year-old woman combated hot flashes caused by the onset of menopause.

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I am 54 and have gone 12 months without having a period. I believe I am entering menopause. What I have had are intense hot flashes that have annoyed and embarrassed me. The sudden surges of heat to my face and neck are uncomfortable and cause me to lose focus on my task at hand. This is unacceptable in the work environment.

I don't have health insurance so I haven't talked to a doctor about this. I know hot flashes are an expected part of menopause, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do on my own to decrease the frequency and intensity of these embarrassing heat surges?


Many women report hot flashes as being one of the most annoying side effects of menopause. These sudden surges of heat to the face and neck have been a source of stress and embarrassment for women in many different public situations. Some women report hot flashes so severe that they thought they were having an anxiety or a heart attack.

Let's discuss the cause of hot flashes. In a premenopausal woman, progesterone and estrogen constantly fluctuate in the body. In the early stages of menopause, the ovaries begin to operate irregularly. In response, the hypothalamus and pituitary glands that regulate hormone production send extra estrogen to the ovaries in an attempt to kick-start them back to regular production. When this occurs, the response is for blood vessels to dilate and constrict severely resulting in a significant swing in body temperature, thus hot flashes.

Intolerable Heats
Unexpected bursts of heat from hot flashes can cause fear in many women. This can activate your "fight or flight" response and trigger even more hormones to be released causing this annoying menopausal symptom to last even longer and perhaps be even more intense. Balancing your hormones is the key to reducing the frequency and neutralizing the effects of hot flashes.

Since hormones affect everything we do, it's important to attain normal hormone production. Once your hormone production is regulated, you will experience a decrease in hot flashes as well as night sweats and weight gain.

Helpful Tips
Making healthy lifestyle changes can result in fewer hot flashes and other annoying menopausal symptoms. Here are a few ways to achieve balanced hormone production:

• Eat a balanced diet packed with whole fruits and vegetables
• Eat only complex carbohydrates
• Make sure you get plenty of protein in your diet
• Exercise regularly
• Get plenty of sleep

Additionally, to avoid the common accumulation of fat tissue around your belly, make certain your adrenal glands are working right by keeping your blood sugar levels consistent. Take this natural formula to help balance your hormones, sleep comfortably, reduce stress, and detox toxins from your body.

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