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How much is too much when it comes to female pleasure?

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I am curious, have you ever heard of anyone hurting themselves from using a shower massager? My partner and I were experimenting in the shower last week and I think that I might have damaged my vaginal area. Nothing seems the same anymore. The feeling isn't there or anything. Please help.


As women, we unfortunately tend to go through a lot of hassles concerning our vaginas. Throwing off the level of sensitivity just happens to be a pretty common complaint among us.

Vaginal Troubles

Many times desensitization of the vagina or clitoris can be attributed to vibrator use, and yes, shower head use on the vaginal area. Overuse of these specific items can cause severe damage to the vaginal, cervical, and clitoral linings. This significant damage will lead to scarring or swelling that causes the desensitization of both the vagina and clitoris.

When we continuously utilize vibrators, personal massagers, or shower heads to pleasure ourselves the neuro- endocrine systems become overly stimulated and trigger a notable spike of stress hormones such as dopamine and epinephrine. This type of excess of unwanted stress hormones may affect the reproductive organs adversely. Over time this kind of hormonal imbalance will lead to pituitary-ovarian functional disorders, as well as sexual exhaustion symptoms.

The Pituitary Function

If a woman's pituitary or ovarian functions are disrupted, her body will react as if there is a toxic organ that is negatively influencing many other parts of her body with multiple hormone receptors in a domino effect. If this happens, her arteries will become inflamed, which will constrict the amount of blood that flows to the brain. The now more narrowed arteries will require a higher level of blood pressure in order to pump a sufficient amount of oxygen to the brain. This condition may result in headaches, migraines, blurred version, sleeping disorders, ear ringing, joint pains and inflammation, and also disorders concerning the uterus, cervix, bladder and urethra.

There is also a chance that other sex hormones could be affected by your shower head. Testosterone and DHEA levels for example, could drop down so low that your body is actually unable to power an orgasm. This occurs because over-stimulation of the female genitals drains bio electric energy, and causes numbness, irritation and unresponsiveness of the clitoris and G-spot.

How To Fix It

Firstly, I would definitely recommend not experimenting with the shower head again any time soon. Any further exploration at this point will only cause more damage. I would also suggest utilizing a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Mexican Wild Yam, Maca, Dong Quia, Pyrola, Mucuna Pruriens. (SEE: Herbal Clitoral Restoration for Passion & Sensitivity Enhancement) These herbs will help to repair damaged nerve endings, increase DHEA and HGH levels, and improve blood circulation within the clitoris.

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