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Vaginal Yeast Infections: What Do They Want?

Yeast and urinary tract problems thrive because of the decrease in vaginal acidity used to kill these bacteria. And according to statistics, 3 out of every 4 women will experience a yeast infection at least once.

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At 27, I have noticed an increase in vaginal discharge. After my boyfriend and I make love, white fluid exudes from my vagina and appears on his penis. What could this discharge be an indication of? Could the fluid come from his condom or does the issue involve something else?


Scientists continue to refer to the human body as the most adaptable machine on the planet. In extreme heat, the body activates its personal cooling system—sweat. When infected, the body releases antibodies to fight off bacteria. And when hurt, it can self heal from most injuries.

Even the vagina proves as an example of the body’s adaptability. Inside the vagina live dozens of bacteria, all regulated by the acidic fluid present inside the organ. And thanks to the body’s hormones, the vagina fluid remains stable to ward off infections. When these hormones become depleted, often because of menstruation, bacteria can thrive and lead to yeast and UTI infections.

So how do you know if your problem is either a yeast or UTI infection? First, it’s always best to see a medical expert, especially since these issues are easily misdiagnosed for more severe problems.

Knowing the Symptoms

Of course definite indicators can rule out more severe issues, and for common yeast infection, symptoms can include:

  • Inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis), characterized by redness and soreness of the vulva
  • Intense itching and burning
  • Discharge that resembles ricotta cheese (although never recommended for any culinary concoctions that may or may not inspire you)
  • Foul odor

For most women, the most exasperating issue of a yeast infection is the smell. According to most women I have spoken to, the general concession of the smell feels as if the body were either brewing beer or baking bread. Once again, banish those cooking ideas from your mind!

Decrease in Acidity

After reading your concern, I noticed that you did not take any birth control nor did you suffer from any poor lifestyle choices that too can alter hormonal balance. Often times, vaginal acidity levels are altered by the change in hormonal balance. Common reasons for developing a yeast infection include:

  • Taking antibiotics for other types of infections
  • Diabetes
  • Being pregnant or obese

Each of these issues can cause a hormonal imbalance in the body that leads to a change in acidity levels. Fortunately, yeast infections are not sexually transmitted.

What to do:

Improve your diet. Symptoms can be triggered by foods that contain high doses of vinegar. The elimination of dairy, sugar and white flour too can help stymie an infection. After the infection is gone, you can begin to reintroduce these foods into your system.

When coupled with natural tincture of herbs, the body too can see a massive improvement. These tinctures help to relieve the symptoms of yeast infections by balancing the pH levels in the body. Collated together, proper diet and right pH balance can alleviate your bacterial infections and prevent those awkward moments after sex.

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