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Dry As The Desert

Learn how a woman in her 40s fears she’s lost the ability to self lubricate

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I’ve heard all my girlfriends talk about how wonderful sex can be. And I agree, it is. But over the last few years, sex has gone from being pleasurable to painful. When I have sex with my husband, his penis feels like sandpaper slowly grinding against my vaginal tissue. During sex, I scream—not from pleasure—but from pain. I have to stop a repeated number of times, and stopping often ruins the experience.

At the age of 45, I never expected that my vagina would resemble a barren wasteland. What causes my lack of lubrication? Is it my age? Hormones? Medication usage?


Age Or Hormones

As we get older, our bodies go through drastic changes, and as we age, our hormones change as well. One of the most common causes of vaginal dryness is the fluctuation of estrogen levels. Perimenopause, menopause, and childbirth alter estrogen levels, while medications, radiation therapies and chemotherapy too can ruin proper hormonal levels in the body. Without these hormones, the vagina will experience an unnecessary unbalance that ruins your vaginal lubrication.

Dry Medication

Allergy or cold medications that contain antihistamines and medication for asthma can alter hormonal levels too, causing dryness. These medications inject chemicals inside the body that alter its ability to produce hormones. When the use of these medicines prolongs, the body adjusts to these lower levels of hormones. Once you stop taking medications, the body may experience a sudden dearth of hormones that leaves you dry and in pain.

And while you may feel alone, I too have learned how harmful medications can be. After a rough case of sinus infections, my whole body became completely desert-like for almost three weeks. I took high dosages of medicine to allay the infections, but still, I damaged my body.

Irritating Irritants

While medications and age may factor into dryness, soap too can cause you problems. Some women are allergic, or are simply sensitive to certain chemicals in everyday soaps or hygiene products. Their bodies just don't react well to different additives like dyes and fragrance. Try using fragrance-free soaps for a few weeks. If you notice your body change, it may be an issue with your body products.

Too Anxious

When a woman is experiencing high levels of anxiety, she may experience a decrease in blood flow. Stress and anxiety are psychological factors that affect us not only emotionally, but also sexually. You may experience heightened anxiety because of work or school, and if you notice you incessantly anxious about issues, speak to a specialist for treatment.

Bet On The Hormones

Dry sex hurts. No matter what the reason for why this has happened, the plan of action is the same. You need to replenish your depleted estrogen levels and regenerate your hormonal alignment naturally (See how Vaginal RH Formula can benefit you) in order for your vagina to self lubricate again.

These hormones contain estrogen-like ingredients that help allay dryness. For a woman in her 40s, the addition to these ingredients can provide your body the boost it needs to experience a replenishment of lost hormones.

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