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My Nerves Have Lost Their Verve!

Woman wonders why her g-spot feels deadened after continual vibrator usage. What is causing insensitivity to the vagina, vulva, and g-spot? What can be done to restore sensitivity to the area, and what can be substituted for sexual pleasure besides a vibrator?

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I have diabetes and hypertension. However, I used to get easily aroused but now it feels like my g-spot and genital areas are less sensitive. I have used a vibrator in me for a couple of months and it seems to deaden my g-spot feeling even though I do get an orgasm by vibrator. I want to return the sensitivity on my vulva and g-spot and my vagina to make things simple. I am single and would like your advice whether to keep a vibrator or a dildo. I love getting orgasms alone if I need to so I need something that will not destroy my sensitivity.


I think using a vibrator is exacerbating symptoms that are related to your hypertension and diabetes. Both diabetes and hypertension cause problems with sexual response and enjoyment in both men and women, and using a vibrator on top of those already occurring phenomena is a sure way to wipe our your genital sensitivity.

While I do think you should stop using a vibrator, you can certainly find other ways to stimulate yourself without the risk of nerve damage and excess stress hormones that using a vibrator can cause.

A Diabetic Anesthetic

An issue that has been coming to light recently is how diabetes affects the sex lives of women. Before now, women were unwilling to open up and discuss how things were going in the bedroom, which left health providers unable to see the affects of diabetes on a woman’s most intimate areas of life.

Both types of diabetes cause issues with the body’s levels of glucose; that glucose, when not properly moderated, can cause damage to the tiniest and most delicate capillaries in the body—those that feed fresh blood to the nerves of the clitoris, vagina, and genital area.

The free glucose in the system starts to destroy the protein coating of the blood vessels, depleting much needed sustenance and essentially atrophying the delicate nerves of the genital area. The term for those tiny blood systems is microcirculation, and without it, the perception of sexual pleasure takes a nosedive.

Vibration Desensitization

Because the damage takes so long to build to a noticeable level, it can have already wrought terrible work on the nerves by the time the diabetic notices a sexual dysfunction. Not only that, but consistently using a vibrator can cause scar tissue to build up between the nerve and the epidermis, resulting in decreased sensation in general.

The more you use your vibrator, the greater the scarring becomes, as once the scar tissue forms, any stimulation of the area will cause a release of prostaglandin E2, which causes further inflammation and scar tissue to form. At this time, it is vital that you desist in using your vibrator.

Stop Cold Turkey

To begin regaining your sexual sensation, first, talk to your doctor about some of the issues you’ve been having regarding stimulation levels. She might be able to modify your diabetic medication to further control the glucose in your body, and begin healing the capillaries. In the meantime, try an herbal strengthening tonic to rejuvenate your clitoral and vaginal nerves, and restore proper circulation to the area (SEE: Botanical Remedy For Clitoral & Vaginal Repair).

Moderate exercise can also improve your cardiovascular health, which in turn will more quickly heal the scarring and stress on your nerves and circulatory system. As far as onanism, try to stimulate yourself manually, instead of mechanically. It’s gentler on your nerves, and with some mental preparation, I think you might find yourself enjoying your own caresses more than a machine’s. Good luck to you!

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