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Menstrual Cramps: Going To Hell Without Leaving Home

For one 17-year-old girl, coming of age has been extremely painful. Her menstrual cramps are so severe that every month for a few days she can’t even get out of bed. She is at a loss as to what to do about this. Is there help out there? Are there natural remedies that can ease her pain and alleviate this painful situation?

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I am at my wit’s end trying to cope with my menstrual cramps. Everything in my life comes to a halt once a month because I cannot accomplish even the smallest of tasks. I am a teenager with so many dreams and ambitions. I fear that I will not be able to succeed if I don’t find a solution to these terrible cramps. Please, please, help me!


Where Do Menstrual Cramps Come From and Why Can’t We Send Them Somewhere Else?

Uterine contractions are the culprits behind most menstrual cramps. Unfortunately, they cannot be sent to jail for all the discomfort, pain and havoc they do to women. But why do they occur? During menstruation, the uterus contracts to expel the old vaginal lining. And it’s the chemical-related fatty acids known as prostaglandin that trigger the contractions. Women with higher levels of this chemical experience severe cramps. And many experts believe that the excruciating pain comes from the constriction of the blood vessels inside the uterus.

There are several possibilities to explain the torture we women endure. Here is a list, not necessarily compete or in order:

Endometriosis - Endometriosis occurs when the tissue meant to grow inside uterus—and used to line the uterus--grows on the outside. The result of this awkward tissue growth causes intense pain.

Uterine fibroids - Although not a common occurrence, these benign growths on the wall of the uterus can be the source of menstrual pain.

Adenomyosis - This can occur when the tissue normally lining the uterus extends within the muscular walls. Women who have had children and who are late into their childbearing years are more prone to develop this condition.

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) - Sexually transmitted bacteria can lead to PID and the pain associated with the condition.

Cervical stenosis - Menstrual flow can be blocked by a small opening of the cervix, which can create a painful increase in pressure within the uterus.

What Are Some Things You Can Do Short of Ripping Out Your Womb To Alleviate the Pain of Menstrual Cramps?

The answer lies in diet, lifestyle and the world of natural remedies. First, find a block of time when you can relax and run a bath. Mix in two cups of Epsom salts and slip inside the tub amid the glow of candles. Immerse yourself in your favorite book. Do not bring your cell phone into the bathroom and make sure the door is tightly closed.

The heat from the bath should be a source of soothing relief for the cramps. What’s perfect about this is that you can do it as often as you like (or until your skin screams to stop because it is too wrinkled).

Avoid processed foods because the chemicals they contain can make your symptoms worse. Whole foods and exercise can reduce symptoms. While introducing magnesium to your diet can reduce soreness and inflammation. You can find magnesium in a host of foods, including nuts and seeds, dark-leafy greens, dark chocolate, and beans and lentils.

Herbal remedies are also effective because they aid in the elimination of toxic substances within the lymphatic system that often cause menstrual cramps (See Menstrual Cramps Relief Solution)

So don’t go to hell and don’t leave home either. Face these cramps like the enemy they are and eliminate (or at least reduce their impact) on your life!

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