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Once Numbed, Twice Shy

Female has used a vibrator one time on her clitoris and is subsequently experiencing numbness. She craves a return of her old sensations, but doesn’t know how to get them. What can she do to feel something again?

Case #: 980


Hi, I have had numbness in my clitoris as a result of using a vibrator (only once) and I thankfully never used it inside but I am desperate to get some sensation back. Is there anything that can help?


It is very unlikely that using a vibrator once would cause you any permanent numbness. How long has this problem been going on? If it’s occurred for less than a week, I wouldn’t worry any more about it. Using a vibrator can cause temporary numbness in the clitoris due to nerve burnout, but that condition shouldn’t last any longer than a week at most.

Another Idea

If you have been experiencing this clitoral numbness for some time, and link the time it started to the time of your vibrator usage, might I suggest you consider another cause? Do you ride horses, bikes, motorcycles, or sit at a desk all day? It is more likely that sustained pressure on your clitoral region, due either to certain postures, or to the seams of tight pants or shorts are what are causing your numbness, not your one-time vibrator usage.

It Lives!

Whatever the cause, it is very easy to enervate a dormant clitoris. There are three things to do: remove any scar tissue buildup, increase circulation, and restore proper hormonal balance. Removing the scar tissue ensures that your clitoral nerves are able to reach the outer layers of your skin for adequate stimulation. Increasing circulation helps to remove scar tissue, as well as promoting healthy sexual response, eg. clitoral engorgement, which results in a better sexual experience.

Happy Hormones, Happy Clitoris

It’s important to consider your hormone levels during this process, as unbalanced hormones seem to have the largest effect on genital sensation and sexual enjoyment in women. If you have too much of one thing, or not enough of another, you can have a completely defunct sexual system compared to another woman.

For example, too little estrogen can cause pain during sex, and an easily irritated or oversensitive clitoris, while too much prolactin can cause a decrease in sexual enjoyment and desire. Not enough testosterone can blunt your desire for intercourse, and can cause a loosening of your vaginal muscles.

Which Is It?

It’s a lot to consider, but luckily there’s an herbal supplement designed to fight a majority of these problems and restore sensation and pleasure to your clitoris. This herbal supplement contains Maca, Mexican Wild Yam, Tribulus, and Cistanche—four herbs that really pump up your sex life. (SEE: Clitoral Revitalization Herbal Formula) Not only does this remedy contain pleasure-boosting herbs, it also promotes healing and cleansing through the use of Dong Quai, Mucuna Pruriens, and Pyrola.

I’m certain that you will soon regain feeling in your numbed clitoris, and by beginning this supplement, you will heal and rejuvenate your clitoris for an enjoyable sex life for years to come!

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