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Lady In Black

Learn about the dark side of birth control, and how to reverse the harmful effects.

Case #: 1547


I am experiencing some black vaginal discharge and along with this the other day I was experiencing abdominal cramps. Although this discharge is odorless it is really giving me a scare. What can be the cause behind this scary discharge? I don't want this happening anymore because it really does scare me.


Though the type of vaginal discharge you are currently experiencing is a bit alarming, it's actually pretty common among women who use birth control on a regular basis.

Questionable Discharge

Any ovarian function that the body finds abnormal will tend to cause a significant rise of estrogen and progesterone production within a very short period of time. Women with a normal ovarian function might experience this type of abrupt change in hormone levels on the day that ovulation happens. It is very possible that you are having these types of spikes in female sex hormones multiple times a day.

In most cases of women who have used birth control for many years, their liver's are simply unable to clear out all the left over residue from the pill. Over time that residue will collect and by the time your body is finally able to expel the toxin, yeast has found its way to it and has turned it black.

The reason behind all the extra hormones building up is the pill. Birth control works essentially by flooding our brains with tons of synthetic estrogen and progesterone. This tricks the body into believing that you are pregnant. Once the brain is convinced that you are actually with child, it will send a message to the ovarian function to shut down.

Pelvic Pains And Abnormal Bleeding

The pain that you are feeling is also a part of the higher levels of hormones you are experiencing. In order to begin the process of reversal for your condition, you should start with the basics.

A woman's vagina is kept healthy and in tip top shape by the bacterium called doderlein bacillus. Basically, it is a good bacteria that levels out the vaginal pH. You can throw off these levels by using shower gels or body washes on your genitals and failing to rinse the area completely.

You should also avoid wearing underwear when sleeping because yeast will thrive in moist areas. You can take the extra step and switch to wearing cotton underwear only.

Herbal Intervention

I would also recommend utilizing a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Safflower, Mexican Wild Yam, Dong Quia, and Mucuna Pruriens. (SEE: Natural Vaginal Formula for Abnormal Discharge Relief) These herbs will help increase your blood circulation, and will help your liver detoxify your body. You can also help your liver out by drinking a minimum of six glasses of water each day. This amount will help to flush out the excessive amount of hormones that are building up and leaving a reside behind.

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