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Numbness in her G-spot and clitoris have caused her orgasms to diminish. Find out if it was due to the excessive masturbation or cocaine use.

Case #: 813


I rarely orgasm. Haley’s Comet comes around (no pun intended) more often than I do. And when I do have sex, I feel my G-spot and clitoris are a bit numb. Sure, I can feel my partner penetrate me just fine, but I have trouble experiencing any sensation. We can have sex for hours, and I will never reach an orgasm. I noticed that my numbness started to occur right around the time I started masturbating heavily and taking cocaine.

What could be the possible cause for my current clitoris numbness?


I believe your problem to be two-fold. Firstly, because cocaine creates issues with neurotransmissions, eg. dopamine, seratonin, and noradrenaline, I think your brain might be negatively influencing your sexual experience.

Secondly, you’ve probably abraded your vaginal and clitoral regions to the point of developing scar tissue through your excessive masturbation. Cocaine endemically results in a loss of sensation—it used to be used as an aspirin substitute. Using cocaine, especially by rubbing it on your genitals or urethra, and then trying to masturbate to orgasm is the equivalent of icing your reproductive organs to nonresponsive levels, as I’m sure I don’t have to tell you.

While cocaine use is definitely a no-go for a normal sexual experience, and over masturbation only exacerbated your issues, it shouldn’t be hard to restore your body to perfect sexual health.

Cocaine Drain

As you may already know, cocaine affects the neurotransmitters of the brain. It works by blocking the uptake receptors of neurochemicals in the brain; when these chemicals are released, they are unable to be reabsorbed, and the body experiences a concentration of pleasure and excitement. Over time, the brain creates more receptors to be able to tolerate the flood of chemicals.

The increase in receptors is what causes the effects of cocaine to become less over time; it takes more and more to feel high, and the brain just keeps adding receptors. During cocaine high, the brain is frantically producing more and more of the neurochemicals, trying to get some of them into the receptors.

This overload of chemicals eventually drains the brain of its entire supply; as the brain is less and less able to keep up with demand, the comedowns become worse and worse. This entire process relates to you in two ways: firstly, noradrenaline is the forerunner to cortisol, a stress hormone that destroys sexual response, secondly, increased dopamine receptors, and decreased dopamine production means low pleasure for you.

Tough Tissue

Issue number two: scar tissue from continual masturbation. Masturbating regularly can cause a buildup of scar tissue both around the blood vessels that lead to the genital areas, and in front of the nerves that approach the skin. Scar tissue around blood vessels makes it difficult to achieve full arousal and sensation because of a lack of blood flow to the area.

Without engorgement, sensation is severely limited in the clitoris, g-spot, and vaginal tissues. Scar tissue between nerves and skin creates a general decrease in sensation, plus any stimulation of the scar tissue only results in more scar tissue being created, thanks to prostaglandin E2’s presence at the site of the abrasion.

Holistic Health

If you want to begin experiencing orgasm, you must first detoxify your body of hazardous chemical buildups, e.g. cortisol, and stabilize the levels of your neurochemicals. Then you must work to remove the buildup of scar tissue. Once blood vessels are cleared, nitric oxide is again free to work for clitoral erection, resulting in a stronger clitoral sensation, and g-spot engorgement, resulting in a more pleasurable vaginal experience.

For this I recommend an herbal compound designed to increase circulation and aid the liver in cleansing the body. (SEE: Vaginal and Clitoral Desensitization) It also increases neurotransmitter production—which you need—and helps to balance hormone levels—which everyone needs. I hope that you begin to orgasm regularly and take pleasure in sex soon!

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