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Is It My Vibrator, or Something Else?

She wonders if she has an issue with over masturbation via vibrator. She has started to crave sex every day, and can’t seem to reach orgasm without the use of a vibrator. She is looking to revitalize her entire reproductive area, and doesn’t think she is menopausal, but is directly in the menopausal age-range. What can be done?

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I have been reading on the subject of over masturbation with vibrators. I'm wondering if I have this problem. I have within the last 1 or 2 years used a vibrator approximately 1-2 times per week. Lately it seems like I want to use it daily. As in the other cases, it seems like I am only able to achieve an orgasm by using the vibrator instead of with my partner. Could you please give me any suggestions on what I need to do to rejuvenate my vagina, G-Spot, and clitoris? Could using the vibrator on my clitoris regularly cause the clitoris to shrink? I am 46-years-old and healthy. I do not feel like I am going through pre-menopause. Please give me your suggestions on how to repair this problem.


It is improbable that using a vibrator has caused your clitoris to shrink. Do you mean your clitoris itself has shrunk, or the tissue around it? Besides that, it’s not uncommon for women your age to begin desiring more sex and having to find new ways to experience orgasm. As much as you don’t think you’re going through menopause, you’re at that age, and the things you’re experiencing are pointing me in that direction.

The Change of Life

Have you been able to achieve orgasm with a partner sans vibrator before this point? If you have never been able to have an orgasm without the use of a vibrator, I’d say you haven’t done vaginal damage to yourself, but that you just need more stimulation than other women. Not only that, but as women age, the decrease in estrogen causes vaginal and vulval tissues to become thinner and looser, with less sensation and less blood flow. It could be that you currently need to use a vibrator because of some factors of your age, not because you over masturbate.

Test for Success

You might not be experiencing all the symptoms of menopause, but it does seem as though you’re experiencing some. With that in mind, I think the best thing you can do is to have your hormones tested. If you’re right and your hormone test comes back normal, the problem does lie in your overuse of your vibrator, or you are chronically unable to orgasm without heavy stimulation. If I’m right, then you need to balance and stabilize your hormones to bring new life to your vagina, clitoris, and G-Spot.

Sensation Deprivation

However, I have an herbal remedy that can assist you in either instance. (TRY: Vaginal Repair and Restoration) What’s lacking in your love life is sensation. To increase sensation, you must increase blood flow, strengthen tissues and muscles, and encourage nerve growth. This is true whether your hormones are in alignment or not.

The Herbs For You

You can achieve these aims by the application of specific herbs. Wild Yam, Fenugreek, and Black Cohosh are beneficial to all areas of vaginal health, through the application of phytoestrogens, which impact the vagina helpfully as normal estrogen would. This means they help the vagina to lubricate, tone, and experience arousal. Psoralea is an aphrodisiac, and Ashwagandha and Muira Puama are powerful mood effectors that can improve your sexual experience.

I’m sure this specific formula will help your sexual experience. It will also benefit you to know for sure whether you’re going through menopause or not, as other issues might come up during this time. I wish you well on your journey!

What to do

VRP Formula I – Vaginal Regeneration & Repair

Age, long-term vibrator abuse, hormone imbalance, and toxins damage vaginal tissues, nerve endings, and the uterus endometrium, while an aged vagina and uterus can disrupt endocrine system from functioning properly, an issue that hinders the vagina...

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