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Not Down with the Brown

Female has begun using birth control pills for the first time and has noticed a brown vaginal discharge of late. What is causing this discharge, and is it related to her using birth control? Will the discharge go away on its own?

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I am on the birth control pills; it’s my first time on any kind of birth control, and I noticed that I have had a brown vaginal discharge like for the past week or so. I am wondering if I should stop using birth control or not? Also, will this brown vaginal discharge go away with time?


Don’t stop using birth control! The problem you are experiencing is minor, and nothing to be frightened about. I would much rather you continued using birth control, and we solved your problem with an herbal supplement, than you stopped using birth control to stop the problem and became pregnant. I’m glad that you’re using birth control, you’re way ahead of many other young women!

Hormonal Disconnect

Your brownish discharge is the result of the interaction between your hormonal birth control and your body’s normal hormonal system. Hormonal birth control introduces external hormones into your body’s system, that, for the most part, functions perfectly well on it’s own. Your body then has to reassess it’s own hormone production to suit the influx of new hormones. The mismatch between your body’s perfect hormonal balance, and its current hormonal balance, is what causes issues such as the discharge you’re experiencing.

Blood Bath

Brown discharge whilst on birth control is a very, very common complaint from women. It is essentially a minute amount of old blood from your uterus being mixed into your normal vaginal secretions and coming out as a mysterious brown goo.

You’re spotting, but in such a small amount that it comes out as old, oxidized blood rather than fresh, red blood. You might have also noticed light cramping. All of this is normal, and all of it can be dealt with easily.

Balancing Act

What you need to do is to realign your body’s hormonal systems. Currently, you don’t have enough progesterone to tell your body to stop releasing the uterine lining constantly. If you just slightly increased your body’s estrogen levels, your uterus would begin building a thicker uterine wall (epithelium). The creation of this thicker wall signals to your body that it ought not shed its lining at this time. This will prevent the brown discharge you’re having problems with.

I recommend you begin an herbal course that’s designed to balance and strengthen your feminine reproductive system. (SEE: Botanical Tincture for Abnormal Discharge) The solution I’m recommending contains herbs that are specifically included to help your body flush unnecessary chemicals (synthetic hormones, prostaglandins, etc.) from your body, and especially your reproductive system. It also helps to stimulate proper hormone production, which will normalize your body’s systems and stop the excess bleeding.

I’m sure that by beginning this supplement, you will soon notice that you’re no longer bothered by brown discharge. Stay on your birth control, and this formula will help you with the rest of your problems. Good luck!

What to do

Botanical Tincture For Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Depite the unsightliness of Vaginal Discharge you should know that it may be the result of important functions of the female reproductive system.

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