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From Too Tight to Too Loose: How An Overlarge Penis Can Cause Bedroom Problems

Her boyfriend has the largest penis out of all of her previous lovers. Initially, she was so tight that he ripped her, now, he complains that he can’t feel anything. Even if she resists having sex for a while, she doesn’t seem to grow any tighter. What happened to the tightness she used to have, and how can she get it back?

Case #: 1679


I have been together with my boyfriend happily for a year now, and he has the biggest penis out of all the other partners I have been with. It is so big that the first time we tried to have sex it ripped a little, and bled when we had sex. I started to become used to his size and now I feel really loose. One time he couldn't finish because he said he couldn't feel anything. I don't understand; I was so tight the first time. I have tried not having sex for a few weeks and it will barely get any tighter and when we have sex, back to normal. How can I make my vagina tight again?


Yes, having sex with an overlarge penis for an extended period of time can cause your vagina to stop “snapping back” after a time. However, it’s not hard to get it back into shape, and you’ll be as tight as ever if you engage in a little vaginal heavy lifting.

Stuffed Too Full

Imagine your vagina as a small tube sock. Then imagine jamming a 1-liter soda bottle into it, over and over again. Eventually the sock will become a little less tight, because the elastic has been stretched over such a period of time. It’s not some old, baggy sock; it’s just not a calf crusher anymore. This is your vagina now. But, unlike a sock, you can restore muscle tone to your vagina, and have all the tightness you want at your command.

Battle of the Bands

Thick bands of muscle that contract during orgasm, but can also be manually contracted during childbirth, surround your vagina. These muscles can push out, but they can also grip. They are known as the pubococcygeous muscles—they run a figure eight around your bladder, vagina, and anus. If you learn how to use these muscles to your advantage, you’ll be able to give your boyfriend an experience he’ll never forget. You’ll also reap the benefits of better orgasms, and a tighter, stronger, healthier vagina.

Kegel Whats?

The exercises that can improve your vaginal strength are known as Kegel exercises, named for Arnold Kegel, who created the exercises to combat urinary incontinence. They involve repeatedly contracting, holding, and releasing your vaginal muscles. In his initial regime, patients were given weights that they placed inside the vagina and prevented from slipping out again. This continual holding showed patients the proper muscles to contract, and quickly improved their ability to control urination—with the added side effect of tighter vaginas and better orgasms.

Anytime, Anywhere

The Kegel method rapidly gained notoriety for this reason. Today, many women utilize Kegel weights to strengthen their vaginas, as it can be done at anytime, anywhere, with no one the wiser. (SEE: Kegel Vaginal Strengthening Balls) If you decide to begin a regimen of Kegel weights, you will soon have your tightness back, and an added bedroom skill to boot! You can grip, relax, and hold—holding your boyfriend in thrall as well.

I’m sure you’ll be back to your old self in no time, and your boyfriend will have no reason to complain of a lack of sensation! I hope you find happiness with your new technique.

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