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Has My “Over-Sexed” Lifestyle Diminished My Orgasm

Learn about a woman who feels that she’s created her own orgasms demise by abusing high powered vibrators.

Case #: 1229


I am unable to have an orgasm. This really scares me because I've always been “over-sexed.” I don't know whether to blame it on my age or my former addiction to masturbation and having used various vibrators and powerful body massagers. I'm afraid I've damaged myself. I find that if I try forcing myself to have an orgasm by masturbating, it takes a really long time, it's not a satisfying orgasm if I do end up having one, and I feel a slight numbing sensation. The desire is still there, but I feel as if my clitoral region is dead.


Although, I'm all for grown women having a healthy and fulfilling sex life, I also believe that there is such a notion as too much of a good thing spoils it. Just like donuts, vibrators should only be used as a “some-times treat.” Too much vibrator usage can damage the nervous function in the clitoris.

Damaging Pleasure

Most likely, the numbness you're experiencing is closely associated with some nervous damage and scaring caused by rigorous masturbation and vibrator use. In addition to the clitoris, the scaring may have also reached the urethra and other parts of the vagina. Abusing vibrators will usually give you an orgasm, almost forcefully so that the body may reach an elevation of epinephrine. Unfortunately, this will lead to a serious deficiency of serotonin control.

Clitoral Sensitivity

In order for a woman's uterine muscles to remain relaxed, it is essential for the sex organs to produce a sufficient amount of prostaglandins. If the organs are not creating enough prostaglandins, the clitoris and the G-spot will become inflexible and brittle. Over time, it is possible for the numbness you are currently experiencing to turn into pain. Thankfully, this type of nervous damage is reversible, and once we get you on the road to recovery you won't ever have to worry about having a ridged clitoris.

Solutions The Natural Way

Firstly, I would definitely suggest a cease and desist order for all vibrators and high powered massagers. Continued use of these tools will only increase the damage, and spread the numbing sensation to larger areas of the vagina. I would also suggest abstaining from sexual intercourse for a few weeks. I know that this can be hard. However, your vagina really needs time to heal, and sex will only prolong the healing process and aggravate the nervous function further.

There are some great herbs out there for reviving the sensitivity in the clitoral region. Herbs like Mexican Wild Yam, Mucuna Pruriens, Dong Quia, Maca, and Pyrola are great vaginal benefactors. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Regeneration) By utilizing them during your time of healing, they will reduce excessive production of prostaglandin E-2 and bring down any inflammation centered around the clitoris.

They will also repair any damaged nerve endings and increase blood flow and microcirculation in the clitoris. Many times an abundant use of vibrators will decrease the production of Oxycontin. These natural herbs will actually raise the production level back to its original status.

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