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Is My Sex Life Effecting My Period

Learn how a woman who likes it rough is worried there might be something wrong.

Case #: 723


My partner and I been having kind of rough sex, and lately when we do have sex and he's behind, after sex my stomach cramps up really bad to the point I have a hard time getting up, why does that happen? Is there something wrong with me or him?


Stomach cramping can be rough. There are some women out there that can barely leave their beds during the first few days of menstruation, because the pain of their cramps is so intense.

I for one enjoy a bit of the rough and tumble myself every now and then. However, too much aggressive intercourse will usually make my monthly visitor an even bigger pain than usual.

Menstrual cramping or dysmenorrhea is usually classified as a dull or throbbing pain focused inside the lower abdomen. Duel pains felt in the lower back or thighs, and a feeling of nausea can also coincide with premenstrual cramping. In a more severe case of PMS, a woman might experience some dizziness, sweating, or vomiting. I am unfortunately linked to this crowed.

Before birth control came into my life, my periods felt like death every month. The cramps were so intense that they could easily bring me to my knees. I also experienced heavy nausea that stemmed from the random dizzy spells that would pop in and out of my day.

Luckily, with some time and a little help from mother nature, I was able to both regulate my periods, and get rid of the blinding pain of cramps.

Cause And Effect

While I was searching for a non intrusive way to normalize my menstrual cycle and take away my cramps, I learned why exactly we are put through this unusual monthly torture. When a woman menstruates, the uterus contracts in order to help expel the lining. These contractions are what we are feeling and categorizing as cramps. There's no way to stop these contractions, but there is a way to dull the feeling of act when it's happening.

The Herbal Effect

By utilizing natural herbs and minerals such as Wild Yam, Passion Flower, and Magnesium (TRY: herbal remedy to relieve miserable PMS) , you will regulate your period and abolish cramping pains in one fatal swoop.

Clinical studies have shown that the intense pain of uterine contractions might be caused by a deficiency of magnesium. It might also help to quell water retention issues and bloating during the time aunt flow comes for her monthly visit. You'll finally be able to ride out the crimson wave pain free with the magical elixir that is passion flower. This herb has historically been used as an organic sleep aid and anxiety reducer for many years. It can also alleviate depression and nervousness.

Wild yam is the real star of the show, in that it will help to regulate and balance out and fluctuations of hormonally activity.

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