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Help! I Can't Get My Sex Drive Up!

Learn some easy ways to boost your libido into high gear.

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I have a pretty low sex drive because I rarely get horny. It'll happen sometimes when I'll have sex with my boyfriend just to please him, but before that I don't feel like having sex. I think what I need is something to spark me up and want to jump on top of him, I don't have that. I have tried masturbating, porn and it doesn't work. What can I do, or can he do to help me get to that point where I want to get?


Getting in the mood for love can be a bit difficult sometimes. Some women need a bigger push in the right direction. The first step in unlocking your own sexuality is tapping into your wants and desires. You may want to set aside some special “alone time” for more extensive masturbation, and self exploration. It is important not to rush through this process. If you begin by touching yourself with a high level of pressure, your vagina and clitoris may become over sensitized very quickly. This will cause a discouraging numbing sensation to take over the vaginal area.

Setting The Mood

As you practice this kind of slow, methodical process of self exploration, you will begin to really understand what exactly sets you off. Once you know how to get your own motor running, it will be that much easier to show your partner how to please you.

Work It Out

One of the best exercises for a better sex life is yoga. The deep stretches yoga provides are great for enacting the more sensual side of a woman or a man. And like most other activities, being in better shape improves our performance.

A closer look at your diet may also give some insight to how your body is responding to sexual stimulation. I would recommend staying away from fatty foods and red meat, as they can leave women sluggish and their libidos unresponsive.

You can replace these types of foods with food that will provide the body with healthy energy. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are the best alternatives in this situation. Taking a multivitamin daily, will also boost your energy levels.

Rub One Out

I would also highly suggest having your significant other treat you to a slow and sensual massage. (SEE: Libido Boosting Sensual Massage)This is a great way for you both to explore some undiscovered 'hot spots.' These are locations on your body that, when stimulated, set off the same sensation as when you are regularly sexually stimulated. These special parts of our body's do not necessarily have to involve the vaginal area directly. Some women can actually reach, or come pretty close to orgasm when these areas are touched. I actually happen to be one of those women. A few years back, my boyfriend kissed the middle of the back of my neck. . .And ever since then we've been necking every chance we get!

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