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Her Female Ejaculation Causes Boyfriend to Lose His Erection

Much to her chagrin, she ejaculates during orgasm. Her boyfriend, in response, loses his erection because the liquid “soaks” him. He believes the ejaculate is urine and doesn’t hesitate to say so. Their sex life is suffering as a result, and she needs a way to continue enjoying sex without the undesirable effect of squirting.

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My boyfriend hates when I squirt. I cannot help it, but when I orgasm, I squirt. I get him completely soaked to the point where he loses his erection. According to him, it’s sexual urine. And this sexual urine causes me to feel self-conscious. So now here I am, looking for a way to control this sexual urge from distracting my boyfriend.


The idea that females can ejaculate during orgasm is a hot topic among health professionals. Many proclaim that because of their anatomical differences, women cannot eject fluid the way men can. But science confirms female ejaculation is indeed possible. It is perfectly normal and, contrary to popular belief, not an indication that something is wrong.

This is not, however, to say that all women who ejaculate appreciate the phenomenon. Even worse, their male partners are sometimes “turned off” when it happens, which goes against the grain of sex because men themselves ejaculate. Luckily, you can overcome your embarrassment and enjoy fulfilling sex without fear of unwanted ejaculate.

What is Female Ejaculation?

Female ejaculation is basically fluid expelled during orgasm. The same man who discovered the G-spot, Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, was also the first to acknowledge female ejaculation. According to his findings, stimulation of the G-spot is responsible for ejaculation. Hence, he believed that only women who experience vaginal orgasms ejaculate...(more about female ejaculation)

Dr. Grafenberg’s early findings, however, have proven incorrect. Clitoral stimulation also yields ejaculation in some women. Even more surprising, those who ejaculate do so regularly. The amount of ejaculation varies from woman to woman but averages about 2 ounces per orgasm. Again, this fluid is caused by both clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Ejaculation occurs when the Skene’s glands release fluid into the urethra. These glands are often likened to the male prostate, although their precise role in sexual function remains unclear. They are known to produce fluid that lubricates the urethra and may also protect against urinary tract infections.

Diverse Opinions of Female Fluids

Ejaculation can enhance a woman’s sex life by providing a deeper and more satisfying orgasm. Some women even purposely learn how to ejaculate in order to reap the more profound pleasures of sex. These women tend to have partners who find female ejaculation to be attractive.

For many, however, this topic is one of grave embarrassment. It can cause women to shy away from sex just as it can disarm male partners who incorrectly believe women should not be able to expel fluid – that activity is supposed to be reserved only for men. Some males even become insulted when they learn their female partners ejaculate. Such opposition, as already suggested, is because of a lack of knowledge about the female body.

Discerning Ejaculation from Urine

One of the greatest misconceptions about female ejaculation is that it’s urine, but the liquids have different chemical compositions. Female ejaculate more closely resembles male ejaculation in that both share two obvious proteins. In addition, female ejaculation does not come from the bladder. This precludes it from being in the same category as urine. In case you need further confirmation, ejaculation is clear and free of the ammonia odor that typically accompanies urine.

Control Your Body

The best way to curb female ejaculation and thoroughly enjoy sex is to engage in yoga. (TRY: Aswini Mudra Yoga) This ancient practice first and foremost enhances awareness of your body. It can help you recognize every nuance and sensation, including those that occur during sex, and enable you to control events like female ejaculation. Yoga also improves energy and enhances orgasms. Advanced Aswini Mudra Yoga in particular can rejuvenate damaged vaginal tissue and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

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