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Spewing and Spattering White Discharge: Her Offensive Vaginal Fluid is Raining on Her Sexual Parade

She suffers from long-term vaginal discharge that suggests infection. Sex is not even a consideration, both because of the fluid and because her desire is nil.

Case #: 1808


I have been in poor health since I was 16; I am now 38. I continue to spew repugnant, white discharge from my vagina. The constant discharge makes sex impossible, and my desire remains at a non-existent level.


A lack of sexual desire in women is generally accepted as a result of age. This means most people – including health professionals – ignore the problem and, rather than explore the underlying cause, leave women to suffer on their own. But a lack of sexual desire is not normal, and it does not have to be received as an unavoidable part of life.

Speaking of that which isn’t normal, the discharge you describe is of concern. Some vaginal fluid is necessary and at times will be milky white with a stretchy consistency. But the only smell that should come from the vagina is a musky, earthy aroma. Anything found to be repugnant may suggest infection.

The Complicated Vaginal Environment

As we just said, the vagina naturally emits fluid that is essential to its health. First and foremost, moisture keeps vaginal walls thick and taut. It allows them to expand and contract and makes daily activities – such as walking and sitting – more comfortable.

Vaginal moisture also creates an environment in which good bacteria flourish. Bacteria have collectively poor reputations, but those that are beneficial to the vagina hold bad bacteria to a minimum. This means not all microbes are created equally. A balance in which good flora outnumber bad facilitates normal sexual responses and promotes reproductive health.

But the vagina is a delicate organ housed in a delicate environment. Both are susceptible to changes that promote the rapid growth of bad flora. Menstruation, for instance, interferes with acidic pH levels and encourages harmful bacteria to reproduce. This condition leads to infection. Other factors that promote infection include sugary foods, certain medications, unprotected sex, and non-organic tampons. Excessive washing and/or douching as well as compromised immunity also contribute to vaginal problems.

The presence of bad flora is often marked by changes to vaginal fluid. Yellow, gray, green, or white discharge accompanied by burning, itching or foul smell must be addressed because these traits indicate infection. Don’t think that suffering long-term from bacterial overgrowth is impossible. Many women struggle with recurring vaginal infections because they don’t know how to treat them.

Subtle Factors of Female Desire

It’s not uncommon for people to think that some gentle rubbing or even a little kissing is enough to ignite a woman’s desire. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. Sexual arousal in females is a complex recipe of biology and psychology. Social factors also play a part.

Biology largely entails hormones and the messages they relay to the brain. Estrogen and testosterone are key to female desire; an imbalance in one means an imbalance in the other because they are closely linked. Sex drive plummets with a dip in either of these chemicals.

Psychology relates to mental well-being, meaning you must feel safe and secure in a relationship before you’ll want sex. Equally important, you must feel secure with yourself. The way you describe your discharge suggests you are anything but confident in your body. Your vaginal health is therefore impacting the way you perceive intercourse.

A Solution for Your Ailment

It’s safe to say that once you correct your vaginal discharge, you will start to desire sex. To make sure both issues are individually addressed, we recommend you make and drink a natural botanical tincture. (TRY: Excessive Vaginal Discharge Relief Tincture) Formulated with herbs, this tincture balances hormones, normalizes vaginal discharge and regulates sexual responses. These benefits come as a result of alcohol, a primary component of tinctures that extracts and harnesses the medicinal properties of herbs.

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