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Is It The Menopause Or Is It Me

Learn how a menopausal woman has lost her libido and where she can find it.
Case #: 954

My problem is, I have a very sick 16 year old that I am taking care of. Unfortunately, I am also going through menopause and my husband doesn't understand why I don't want to have sex. Am I wrong or am I just normal due to stress, or is there something wrong?

First and for most, you are not in the wrong for feeling anxious and stressesd out. As women, we take on a lot of responsibility by trying to do everything in our power to keep our families and loved ones safe and protected. Men view sex very differently than women do, but I'm sure you already know that. For most men, sex is almost like a necessity or a need that must be fulfilled in order for them to feel calm and relaxed. However, most women like to use sex as a way to feel closer to their partners and view it more as the most open expression of their relationship.
Perfectly Natural

I'm sure your husband understands that your stress level is at a ten most days and because of this he tries to alleviate some of your anxiety by attempting to seduce you. Men do this because sex is a major de-stress tool for them. Unfortunately, it's just not the same for women, especially women who are going through menopause.
The Libido Snatcher

Loss of sexual interest is one of the main complaints for women going through menopause. Our libido can run low at this time because during 'the change' a female's estrogen levels are no longer on the balanced scale they're used to. During this time in a woman's life, both her estrogen and progesterone levels will drastically drop. Once your pituitary gland becomes aware that you are now estrogen deficient, it will begin releasing excessive amounts of LH and FSH in an effort to stimulate the ovarian function. These hormonal changes will soon affect our moods and leave us bereft of sexual desire.
Other Symptoms

Not all women experience libido loss during their menopausal state. The new lower estrogen levels could very well present itself in a few different ways other than sexual desire. You might also notice some hot flashes, vaginal dryness, or mood swings. All of these symptoms are subjective, specifically to menopause. They are perfectly normal to experience, over time and with a little natural supplemental help, these symptoms should dissipate.
What To Do

The best way to deal with a natural situation is with some natural products. In order to get your libido back on track and fight off any other pesky situation you may find yourself in, you'll need to get those estrogen levels balanced out once again. The best way to do this is by utilizing herbs such as Mulberry, Muira Puama, and Catuaba. (TRY: Passion Revival for Menopausal Women)When these natural herbs come together, they can literally make you feel like you're sixteen again. This complex will help sustain and regulate the proper amount of secretion of DHEA, estrogen, and progesterone. This will aid in restoring your libido greatly.

What to do

Young Again - Revive Passion for Menopausal Women

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause cause female sex hormones that control libido to fluctuate at different times. In fact, the balance of estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, testosterone, and DHEA becomes altered the most during peri-menopause...

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