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Help Me Keep My Uterus!

Female is experiencing menstrual cramps after her period is over. She believes it is due to sex with her husband. Her doctor believes she’ll need to have her uterus removed eventually, as it is in a minor state of prolapse. How can this woman keep her uterus?

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I went to the doctor today for menstrual cramps after my period is over. During my visit my doctor told me in 10 years I may need to have my uterus removed. I believe my pain comes from having sex with my husband, which is caused from my prolapsed uterus. I don't want to have a hysterectomy. I want to save my uterus. Can you help me?


I’m so sorry to hear of your painful condition. I agree it is far better to keep your uterus, if it can possibly be helped. Hysterectomies are sometimes necessary, but on the whole it is better for your feminine health to keep your reproductive system intact as long as you can.

I have two suggestions for you. The first is how to aid your prolapsed uterus, by strengthening and toning the muscles around it and hopefully helping you to hold onto it! The second is how to prevent those horrible cramps you’ve been having.

Stop the Slide!

As I’m not sure how advanced your uterine prolapse is, I’m going to offer a suggestion that will assist you only if your uterus has not protruded down through your vagina. The best thing you can do to strengthen and assist the placement of your uterus is Kegel exercises. Has you doctor recommended them? They are invaluable for preventing further uterine slippage.

Kegels are isometric exercises in which the pubococcygeus muscles are contracted against each other and held, clenched tightly, for increasing lengths of time. They have been proven to improve the strength of pelvic muscles, aiding in bladder control, better orgasm, and a healthier reproductive system overall.

To perform a Kegel, you clench your vaginal muscles tightly and hold, then release. These are performed in sets, at increasing lengths and intervals. You can find further directions on how to do Kegel exercises online, such as at the Mayo Clinic website.

By doing these exercises, you are more likely to stabilize the position of your uterus, and will hopefully be able to avoid a hysterectomy. The stronger and more toned your PC muscles are, the better chance you have of avoiding tearing, overstraining, and slippage—effectively preventing further prolapse.

The Cause of Your Cramping

The second aspect of your problem is the cramping associated with sex in your condition. That issue lies in the presence of prostaglandins. Because your uterus is in an improper place and position, it is more available for irritation and damage. That irritation and damage causes your body to produce pain-causing prostaglandins. An excess of these inflammatory hormones is what’s causing the cramping you’re experiencing.

To prevent cramping, you must control your levels of prostaglandins. These can be monitored short-term by the application of aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen—but these cannot be used as a long-term solution. To fully treat the prostaglandin infestation, you must utilize some natural vaginal cramping solutions. (SEE: Female Restoration Formula)

Holistic Healing

Evening Primrose Oil has been shown to reduce cramping, through an increase in fatty acids in the body. Dong Quai has been used to restore and rejuvenate the female reproductive system for centuries. It is a purifying herb that will assist you in the reduction of prostaglandins. Black Cohosh soothes the mind and body through an increase in phytoestrogens.

Altogether, this compound is a major soother, healer, and pain-fighter. I’m sure that by stopping the descent of your uterus, and beginning a helpful herbal supplement, you will soon be having pain-free sex and a healthier reproductive system overall. Good luck!

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