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Not Hitting the Spot

Female is experiencing pleasure from vaginal intercourse. She wonders what she is supposed to feel, other than the rubbing of the penis inside her vagina. However, she does experience pleasure from her clitoris. What’s the issue here?

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While having penile intercourse, what am I suppose to FEEL in my vagina? I can only feel the rubbing of the penis, and I don't feel the so-called 'pleasure', if there is any. Nevertheless, when I masturbate by touching my clitoris, I can feel the 'pleasure'.


There’s nothing abnormal with you. The vagina is actually not as sensitive as people think, and for you to be feeling sensation without pleasure is a highly common experience. The reason for this is due to the fact that only about the first third of the vagina is lined with pleasure-giving nerves. The remainder of the vagina is able to register pressure, but is not specifically designed to feel pleasure.

Know Your Clit

There are areas within your vagina that are well linked with nerves, such as the Grafenberg spot, or G-spot. However, it is thought that the reason this area of the vagina is so sensitive is due to it being an internal extension of the clitoris. Your clitoris is the only of part of the body that exists solely for pleasure, with no other duties. Being able to feel pleasure while touching your clitoris shows that you are a normal, functioning, sexual female.

The clitoris is comprised of a hunk of nerve endings embedded in a tiny bud of tissue. 8,000 nerve endings to be exact. That’s double the amount in the entire penis. These nerve endings are able to trigger nerve response in 15,000 other nerve endings throughout the genital area. And as only about thirty percent of women report being able to orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone, I’m not surprised to hear you say that you aren’t getting what you want out of penetration.

Better Sex

There are two routes you can take from here. One is to integrate a whole lot more direct clitoral stimulation into your sexual routine. The other is to try for that internal clitoral bed I was talking about—the G-spot. Both of these methods will make penetrative sex that much better for you. Women report much more satisfying sex with both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, or from vaginal penetration with G-spot stimulation. Look into sex positions that either allow the female to stimulate herself while being penetrated, or positions that allow deep, forward-positioned entry.

Pump Up the Blood Volume

I would also recommend beginning an herbal course designed to increase blood flow to the genital area. (TRY: Rejuvenation for the G-Spot) Proper circulation is of immense importance to an enjoyable sex life, allowing the tissues to engorge with blood and become more sensitive and greater in surface area. This formula also removes any scar tissue that might be diminishing your sexual experience, while healing and repairing the nerve endings in your genital area.

Try not to worry about being abnormal, and focus on finding a routine that works for you. Good luck!

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