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Four Children Later – How Childbirth Takes Away Your Mojo

She used to love sex but now, after having had four children, she is experiencing a loss of libido. She attributes this to her loose vagina, which is stretching from childbirth. It is thus time for her to explore new ways to find sexual pleasure.

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I used to love a lot of things growing up. I loved lollipops when I was five. I loved Barbies when I was 11. I loved cigarettes when I was 18. And I loved sex when I was 23. While I still love sex, cigarettes and lollipops, one of these things no longer provides me with the same pleasure as before. I wish it were cigarettes or lollipops, but it is sex.

Sex is dull and feels routine. Maybe sex lost its pleasure because I lost my tight feeling down there. Perhaps my four kids ruined the strength of my vaginal canal. Or perhaps my extensive love affair with my husband caused me to lose strength. Whatever the cause, I want to know why.


Sex after birth is a common source of angst for women. The surprising truth is that after one child, the vagina doesn’t change all that much. This organ was designed to spring forth life. Its muscle ridges were made to expand and contract like an accordion during intercourse and birth, meaning the vagina largely returns to normal after a woman’s first child.

Multiple pregnancies, on the other hand, stretch the vagina until it’s too fatigued to snap back. Imagine a new rubber band, which at first is thick and tight. Repeatedly stretching that rubber band causes some elasticity to fade. If you stretch it too far, the band gives way to pressure and tears. This same scenario applies to the vagina, which gets stretched and stretched during multiple pregnancies and eventually does not return to normal.

Explaining the Vagina’s Aging Process

The term aging vagina sounds like this organ operates on a timetable different from the rest of the body, and in fact it does. A woman’s vagina changes in a way that has nothing to do with her number of sexual partners or sexual encounters. Aside from the natural process of growing older, childbirth is in fact the only aging component of the vagina. The primary symptom is vaginal looseness, which refers to the walls losing their strength and elasticity.

Age is a word used to describe the vagina’s condition. You have to remember this organ is essentially composed of a very basic anatomy: muscles, tissues, G-spot, and beneficial bacteria. Because it has very little in the way of protection, the vagina is susceptible to damage. This explains the looseness you’re experiencing. Your tissues were damaged during childbirth, and now you struggle to feel pleasure during sex.

Loss of Libido

Your lack of desire is likely the culmination of several factors. As you suggested, you no longer want intercourse because it isn’t fulfilling. This relates to the physical changes of your vagina but may also correlate to your frame of mind. Perhaps you are too exhausted from meeting day-to-day demands to want sex. With four children, you likely have many responsibilities. Or you might feel self-conscious about the changes to your vagina rendered by childbirth. This, too, will take away libido.

It is important to ask yourself what you need so sex is once more gratifying. Obviously your vaginal walls need to be tightened, but there’s more. You need to focus on things you and your partner can do to bring you satisfaction. You said sex is dull; it might be time to try new positions and/or techniques in the bedroom. Just as your body changes with time, so too do the things that stimulate you. Don’t wait for the same old sources of pleasure to restore themselves; feel free to try open yourself up to unchartered possibilities.

You must also remember that with time, your hormone levels fluctuate. The body produces less estrogen as you age, and it is this hormone that not only keeps the vagina strong and tight but also drives your desire for sex. You might therefore need to balance your body’s hormones as you explore new ways of engaging in intercourse.

Reclaim Your Passion

One way for you to immediately feel sexier and more aroused is to take an all-natural herbal remedy. (SEE: Vaginal Restoration Herbal Formula) Herbs can restore healthy vaginal tissue so your walls feel tighter, meaning intercourse will once more bring satisfaction. You can also use an herbal formula to increase sensitivity and improve blood flow to your genitalia so that sex is simply better than ever.

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