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A Case of Need - I Was Thinking To Divorce My Wife and Marry a 25-year-old Girl

Middle-aged man wonders what he can offer his wife to increase her vaginal tightness. As they are essentially married in name only, he wants to increase the excitement of the marriage bed, or he might run off and rob the cradle!

Case #: 801


I’ve been married 30 years. At times those years have been wonderful. At others, I was thinking to divorce my wife and marry a 25-year-old girl. And now my wife and I have reached a phase in our lives where it’s too late to divorce. Now, we both make the best of a lackluster situation. As a couple married for 30 years, I sleep in my room, she, in hers. And sleeping apart works wonders!

I can stay up late watching T.V.; she can read till her eyes hurt. And when we want to get intimate, we secretly get together and have a “sleepover.” But after being married for so long, our sleepovers feel a bit, well, dull. It’s not the technique, nor the physical attraction—hell no; my wife is still a 10 in my eyes. It’s actually the lack of tightness on her part that makes sex, well, boring.


I foresee this discussion going abominably. You mention that you and your wife already sleep in separate beds, that your life is “lackluster”, and that you’re tempted to run out and marry a young woman. I don’t see how you’re going to approach your wife with the information that I’m going to provide you and expect her to accept it and implement it with any degree of tact. I suppose that’s for you to figure out on your own. I can’t imagine how a loose vagina could make the entire sex act boring; I guess that’s where the phrase “you’re doing it wrong” comes into play. I’ll tell you what she can do, but I can’t guarantee she’ll want to do it.

We All Scream for Hormone Creams!

I’m certain that your wife has already begun menopause, if she’s anywhere near in age to you. The decreased levels of estrogen and testosterone that occur during menopause cause her vagina to lose its tone, its muscle quality, and its lubrication, not to mention, a general loss of sex drive. You can remedy all of these issues with a topical hormonal cream; the testosterone cream should definitely be low-dose, or you’ll end up with a hairy, deep-voiced, nymphomaniac. The estrogen can be applied to the outside of the vagina and vulva, or inserted into the vagina via a suppository. Using both of these solutions together will result in a stronger, healthier, more toned vagina, with better lubrication, and more arousal to go along with it.

I Kegel, You Kegel

An exercise that benefits both men and women sexually is the Kegel. I cannot recommend them enough for women who feel that their vagina isn’t tight enough, and for men who complain that their sex life is boring. Kegels for women involve clenching and holding the pubococcygeus muscles of the pelvic floor in a move that feels like stopping the flow of urine. Kegels for men are identical, only you can see yourself doing it, whilst a woman never could. Both sexes benefit from stronger orgasm, better knowledge of and control of orgasm, and better sex in general. Benefits for women are stronger, tighter vaginas, while benefits for men are stronger, longer-lasting erections. Why don’t you suggest to your wife that you both start practicing Kegels, and see how much better she responds than if you tell her she needs to tighten herself up with this exercise.

A Sneaky Suggestion

Perhaps the best solution of all involves trying sex positions that create a tighter sensation. I guarantee your wife won’t complain, as many of them result in better stimulation for her as well, and it’s not nearly so obvious as prompting her with exercises and hormonal creams. Good positions for tight sex include missionary with her feet on your chest—sort of like a squat position for her, while she’s on her back—upside-down missionary, where she lies on her stomach and squeezes her legs together and you enter her with your knees on either side of her legs, and any kind of staff position, where she leans against a wall or lies down and crosses her ankles after you’ve entered her.

Slip Her a Supplement

You can also try offering her a supplement intended to increase her sex drive and rejuvenate her vagina. (TRY: Herbal Supplement for Sex Drive Revival) Many of these plants include androgens, the forerunners of testosterone, and can help her feel hornier, more aroused, stronger, and tighter. I’d be careful how you sell her on it, though. I hope you once again find sexual enjoyment with your wife through the application of one or more of these techniques. Good luck!

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