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The Ugly Truth About Your Vaginal Dryness

If you've ever experienced a little dryness during sex, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Learn how to never be left high and dry again.

Case #: 1744


I have been living with a vaginal dryness problem that has been on and off for the past few years. Sometimes I will be wet throughout sex, and others we have to stop because it gets uncomfortable for both of us. Most of the time my boyfriend will use his own spit on his penis as a lubricant and I wish that would work but my body won't cooperate. Is there some sort of lubricant that is long lasting and will last us throughout the entire sex session? I am really embarrassed to go ask at the drugstore which kind is the best because I think that's my next step. This has really started to scare me because I think if my problem continues it could possibly end with a breakup. Any information would be great, thank you.


If you didn't already know, there are actually a few different types of lubricants. They all have their different uses, the trick is to find the one that will work best for you. Women who need just a tiny bit of help in the lubrication department will typically veer towards a water-based lubricant. They are closest to the real thing.

The Truth About Lube

However, very much like human saliva and natural lubrication, water-based lubes require lots of reapplying, which usually means a lot of stopping.

Oil-based lubes hold the thicker consistency that is needed when dealing with vaginal dryness, but you could end up paying a pretty steep price. Not only will an oil-based lube ruin your bed sheets, they also possess the ability to damage condoms and the inner lining of the vagina. I would definitely suggest that every woman steer clear of lubes that are oil-based.

The Lube For You

I believe that the best lube for this particular case is a silicone-based one. A silicone-based lubricant will provide the same thickness as oil-based. (SEE: Guide For Choosing The Correct Silicone Lube) What it will not do is put your entire vaginal area in danger, and it definitely will not eat through a condom.

A silicone-based lubricant will cost you a tad more than a lubricant that is water-based, but they will also last much longer. You won't have to continuously reapply like you would with a water-base or oil lubricant. Lubrication that is silicone-based is also water proof. You will want to take care not to use an excessive amount though, as it can be messy when used in excess.

Perfect Harmony

Vaginal dryness stems from many different causes, some including; Menopause, allergies, cigarette smoke, breast-feeding, and ovarian failure. Whatever the underlining reason may be, more than likely estrogen will tie into the mix at some point. As women we need estrogen to maintain vaginal health. It's what promotes the acidity, elasticity, and of course, the moisture levels of our vagina's. Without a sufficient amount of estrogen, we tend to experience things like vaginal dryness, mood swings, and fatigue. Stress can also put a huge damper on any woman's sex life. Be sure you are in the right frame of mind before engaging in sexual intercourse. You may do this by practicing yoga three to four times a week, or brief meditation.

You may want to look into integrating some natural herbs such as Wild Yam into your life-style. The wild yam works as a great hormone mimicker. It will also help your body to produce a proper volume of lubrication.

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