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Too Much Time in the Jacuzzi Means She Can No Longer Orgasm

She discovered the sexual pleasures of a Jacuzzi and has since masturbated with reckless abandon. Now she can’t orgasm when once it was so easy. The culprit is nerve damage caused by overstimulation of her clitoris.

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Hello, my name is Rachel and I have recently discovered the Jacuzzi for “pleasure.” I am wondering what exactly bad can happen from that. I know now you can get a UTI. That much is for sure, I think (based on experience). But I’ve also noticed that I haven’t been able to orgasm anymore. It used to be so easy, and now it’s nothing, no feeling whatsoever. Sometimes it even hurts a little bit. Is there anything else that could have happened from this?


You’re lucky that orgasm comes so easily for you – many women struggle to climax because of insecurities or misinformation. But being able to reach orgasm doesn’t mean you should do it all the time. In fact, self-pleasure comes with a degree of responsibility so you don’t hurt your body.

When Masturbation Becomes Too Much

It would be unwise to say you can only masturbate a specific number of times per week. Some women engage daily, while others do it but once a month. This variance serves as proof that every woman is different. Each must therefore find a comfortable medium that allows them to reach orgasm without exceeding what their bodies can handle.

This is the most crucial point, because you have surpassed the point at which masturbation is healthy. The problem isn’t that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, but that clitoral stimulation can cause nerve damage. Many times this happens when women use vibrators – those devices are designed to make direct contact with the clitoris. But that organ is composed of thousands of nerve endings so it is the single most sensitive part of the female body. This means it is delicate to the touch and can be easily damaged if you don’t give it proper attention. You’ll struggle to reach orgasm once damage does occur, and no amount of stimulation will bring you pleasure.

How Clitoral Damage Happens

Clitoral damage refers to nerve damage, an event so likely that the clitoris is protected by a small hood. That hood prevents overstimulation from daily activities like jogging, sitting and riding a bike. When aroused, the clitoris swells and the hood slightly recedes so orgasm can be more easily reached.

Repeated contact with stimulants like a shower head, sex toy or jet stream slowly causes clitoral nerves to lose sensitivity. You must remember that although these devices feel good, they cannot monitor how much pressure is too much. They are vastly different from the subtle caresses of human touch. And while you’re in the throes of orgasm, you can’t be expected to focus on anything other than the pleasure building inside you.

As nerves lose sensitivity, they require longer and harder pressure to achieve orgasm. After all, orgasm is caused by stimulating certain nerves that in turn send signals to the brain. Meanwhile, the extended pressure renders more damage until the nerves are completely numb. Scar tissue meant to protect the clitoris from further damage can even build in and around the immediate area. Touching that tissue causes the pain you sometimes experience during masturbation.

Linking Urinary Tract Infections with Masturbation

You mentioned that you also suffer urinary tract infections caused by masturbation. These infections are made possible by touching your clitoris and/or vagina with anything that’s not first properly disinfected. The vagina is a passageway from the outside of the body to the inside; any bacteria that makes contact with it can easily travel to the bladder and cause infection. You must therefore be sure to take proper precautions before you masturbate.

Enjoy Orgasm Once More

Don’t worry, all hope is not loss. The nerve damage you’ve sustained is temporary. What you need to do now is take a short break from masturbation to allow your nerves to rejuvenate. You can hasten the healing process with an all-natural formula designed to repair nerves. Blended with herbs, this formula provides the necessary nutrients to improve blood flow to the clitoris and stimulate the growth of healthy tissue. (TRY: Clitoral Revitalization for an Increase in Sensitivity & Passion) You’ll soon masturbate with the same pleasurable orgasms as before – perhaps even better.

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